How to turn off phone alarm with volume buttons?

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If you hear it, these simple buttons located on one side of the device you thought of are only and exclusively for turning the volume up or down. Now you can give it another utility like turn off the phone alarm. And that way using this key will make more sense and this isn't the one you've been giving it all these years.

The truth is we can give to the our mobile the look we want activating and configuring the screensaver. We can also let it have the sound or music of our choice.

So why not make your buttons have a very different purpose for which they were meant and then we'll tell you the simple steps you need to take.

How to turn off the phone alarm with the volume buttons

First I tell you what you should do to turn off the phone alarm with the volume buttons. We will tell you that the procedure that we will explain to you can only be performed on devices that have the alarm that Android includes in its operating system. If you have another app that you use as an alarm clock, this setting may not work for you.

Since the application that we have by default on our mobile, it offers you the possibility to postpone or turn off the alarm using the volume keys. So to configure these keys and activate this function, we need to go to the alarm settings. And then we will tell you how you should proceed.

The first thing you should do is go to the clock application, which will be in the main window of your mobile. You select it and in the window you will go to the lower right part of the screen, where you will find the three-dot icon that you have to press. Two options will appear Dark Mode e Settings.

Adjusting the settings for using the volume buttons

In our specific case we will select the Configuration option, this action will take us to a new window where we can see different options and two sections. In the watches section we will have options to change the style, where we can choose between two models, analog and digital. The Automatic Local Clock option, this in cases where you are in places with different times.

In the Alarms we will find options like Auto Silence where you can choose different waiting times. We will also see the snooze option in the same way that you can choose the time when the alarm should sound again. The volume option and the volume up option.

Finally we will find the option that will allow us to deactivate the alarm of the phone with the volume buttons. This option is Volume Buttons, at this time the option to do nothing should be turned on. Well, let's change this selection, for that we click on the Volume Buttons option and then a box with three options will appear.

These are Snooze, Ignore and Do nothing, if you choose Snooze the alarm will go off but it will sound again, after the time you have selected in the Snooze option has elapsed. If you choose the option Ignore, the alarm will sound and stop sounding. You have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

As you can see, it's a simple task to perform and you probably didn't know you have this option on your mobile. And so we come to the end of this tutorial which showed you how easy it is  turn off the phone alarm with the volume buttons.

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