How to turn off Apple TV in the most correct way? - Step by step guide

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The detail is that the Apple company wants its products to be completely original for users. In this case, in general, the shutdown of devices with Apple TV is done automatically. While, to turn it on, simply press the button on the remote control. Nowadays, just to mention a curiosity, it is possible to use an Android mobile phone as a remote control for Smart TV.

The detail of this is what to do if you want to manually shut down the device. This is a simple process and below I will tell you how to turn off Apple TV.

Suspend or shut down

Since Apple TV's controls don't have on and off buttons, you have to find a way to turn off your device. So you don't have to wait a few more minutes to turn it off or go to sleep. Something like activating hibernation mode or suspending the laptop when closing the lid or even automatic hibernation of the PC when the battery is low.

I should clarify that turning off or putting into sleep mode is basically the same in this case or in these devices. And this process can be done easily and simply using the remote control, you just need to do the following:


3rd generation (or lower) and 4th generation

If you have a 3rd generation or previous generation Apple TV, you just have to press the button » Menu »For a couple of seconds and automatically press the« Play / Pause »button.

Next, you need to press «Start» and, when the menu window appears on the screen, you need to press » Sleep «.

In case you later want to reactivate your Apple TV, you just have to press the «Menu» or «Start» button.

If you have a XNUMXth generation Apple TV device, you have a digital remote control, but the process is still simple.

You just have to press for a couple of seconds the button that has the shape of a TV icon, the «Start» button.

Time you will follow the same step as the third generation device after the menu window opens.

Change the idle time

Another option to turn off Apple TV is to change the options related to device idle time.

Typically, the downtime for automatic shutdown is usually an hour or more.

To reduce downtime and turn off Apple TV whenever you want, you should do the following:

First you will need to access the option " Settings »Of your device, now you have to select the tab called« General ».


Finally, select » Activate Suspend After »And enter the time you want. Now your Apple TV device will shut down in the time you set.

You can also turn off the device from the menu » Settings ". Pressing this option will open a new window, here is «I'm staying now», select her and that's it.

Is it important to turn off the Apple TV?

Turning off your Apple TV the right way is crucial. We have to remember that the device does not turn off automatically, but it stays on for a while, until it is automatically put to sleep.

This means that the device stays on for a long time and hence its usage activity is decreasing.

There is also the possibility of disconnecting the device, but I do not recommend it, as, in the long run, it can cause some damage to its parts.

This means that learning how to turn off your Apple TV is very important, since allows the device to last much longer.

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