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Advertising.. That sometimes annoying but much needed resource since without it you would not read these lines and you may not have stopped thinking about that if there were no commercials, the Internet would not exist. So far so good, the problem is when you pay for a service to avoid swallowing ads exactly, why do I say that? Well, because this platform is putting an advertising initiative on its platform, which it's quite annoying because paying for a service to view ads isn't very illegal. For this reason, we will see how to turn off ads on Netflix, in this way we will avoid seeing advertisements between chapters on this platform.

Why does Netflix show me ads?

Well, depending on the platform, the ad sample is good for the user experience as between chapter and chapter it shows trailers for other series and/or movies that you might be interested in.

Note that they are in the testing phase, although from my point of view they offer ads to the user when he pays for a service he didn't have before, it's a serious mistake.

Is there any way to remove Netflix ads? It exists even if it is somehow hidden.

How to disable ads on Netflix? 2022

remove ads on Netflix you will need to follow these steps.

Access the official application of the platform  on Android.

In shortcuts put where it says "other".

When you're inside, look for the section that says «account», enter there.

Now we will see a section with different options, for turn off ads on Netflix that they interest us «Participation in tests», let's go inside.

disable the option «Include me in tests and previews».

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Remove ads on Netflix

With deactivate this function will come turn off commercials on Netflix between chapters and in turn we will be excluded from other possible experiments carried out on said platform.

If you have any questions about how to disable advertising on Netflix, you can always leave me a comment. Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a great day and don't forget to share.

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