How to turn my old TV into an Android Smart TV?

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How to turn my old TV into an Android Smart TV?

A smart TV can be very useful as it allows the display network content, mobile music playback and other relevant functions.

However, if you have an old TV, don't worry as there is a way to turn it into a Smart TV. Next, we present all the information you need to turn a traditional TV into one Smart TV with Android.

What is a Smart TV?

A Smart TV or "Smart TV" is a device that allows the user to connect to the Internet and access various applications. In this sense, a Smart TV provides a digital service by broadcasting programs just like a conventional TV does and at the same time provides the access to Internet.

What is a Smart TV for?

A Smart TV comes used to connect to the network, browse through it, view social networks, videos, connect to games and the camera for video calls. Likewise, a Smart TV facilitates communication and commonly integrates a search engine to find information, as well as gestures and voice commands.

How does a Smart TV work?

A Smart TV works through an LCD panel developed with different technologies such as OLED e QLED (in more expensive devices). Also, it's worth noting that a basic smart TV has Edge LED or Direct LED lighting.

As for the resolution, you can find devices with standards such as Full HD / 4K or with High Dynamic Range to represent color in a more realistic way. However, if you have any questions about the differences between Full HD and 4K UHD TVs, we have the answer for you.

In short, a Smart TV allows connectivity through the port HDMI, a network card and other essential components that ensure digital picture and sound.

Requirements for converting an old TV into a Smart TV with Android

If you have an old TV you can convert it to a Smart TV with Android using a TV Box. In this way, your old TV could acquire new features available to a smartphone such as a smart TV.

What is a TV-Box?

A TV Box is a device equipped with the work operating Android TV. Thanks to the TV Box, you can enjoy the attributes of the Smart TVs that are on the market.

These devices have a USB port e Ethernet connectors to extend their usefulness. Thanks to these qualities, you can connect to the Internet over a wired network without having to activate a Wi-Fi network or add a hard drive to play your multimedia content.

If you still have doubts, we have a guide in which we explain what an Android TV Box is and what it is for, in this way you will know all the features, advantages and disadvantages of this mode.

Most representative TV Box

There are several TB Box equipments available on the market. However, the most outstanding and useful equipment of this type is Xiaomi  Mi Box e Nvidia Shield.

Xiaomi Mi Box

The Xiaomi Mi Box is ideal for video game lovers as it allows you to enjoy Android TV and download from Google Play all those Apps related to the theme of games. It has a simple interface and makes it easy to connect other equipment via the USB ports.

Without a doubt, it is a great option to turn your TV into a SMART TV. With Xiaomi Mi Box you can install Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and many other applications of these features.

Nvidia shield

This device works as a media player from Android TV. In this sense, you can download Apps from Google Play to watch movies from platforms such as HBO,Netflix and others.

Now we need to show how you can have an experience similar to that of one SMART TV on your basic TV, it's time to create an account on Netflix or any other streaming platform to start watching your favorite shows.

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