How to turn any image into an emoji mosaic - visual effect

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With this fabulous tool anyone can become a true mosaic artist. Yes, it's that easy, because you just have to select the image you prefer and the application will take care of the rest. And the really amazing thing is that it can turn any image or photo into an emoji mosaic.

The so much talked about application is called Emoji Mosaic and was invented and developed by Eric Andrew Lewis. It is really very fast and you just have to select the image you want to convert and in seconds it will offer you an image very similar to the original but filled with hundreds of emojis.

How to turn any image into an emoji mosaic

It is indeed a very beautiful and fun creation, in which these tiny Emoji are used, to create an image without paint or colors. Only the composition of these, where if you can zoom in on the image, you realize they are road signs, faces, leaves, directions, punches, whatever you can imagine is in that mosaic.

Undoubtedly, the imagination has no limits and it makes this application so simple and easy to use, that it does not require you to download it to your computer or mobile device.

Just enter the web address and you will find the only button you need to press, when you make a clip it will show you the folders on your computer and you need to search the image or photo you want to become an Emoji mosaic.

When you find the image, you will select it by giving a double clip and in a few seconds it will start uploading the photo, but now made up of hundreds or thousands of Emojis. So, if you like the image offered by the application, you can save it on your computer. To do this, right-click on the image and select Save.

Amazing visual effect

The reality with which this application shows, the duplicate of the real image, is sometimes surprising. There have been duplicates of works of art by renowned plastic artists and their high level of similarity is such that you do not think it is formed by these Emojis, but when you zoom in you can see these tiny and funny characters.

It's getting a real fever, turning any image into an emoji mosaic. And so much, that they are releasing similar apps to compete with this tool, is the case with Emoji Mosaic Camera. An application created by Google Play but which did not generate the same impact and interest.

These versions do not offer the same quality and realism that the original application offers, since to know what each image is made of, you have to enlarge it a little.

This is a point in its favor, also the fact that it is not downloadable and you only need to have an internet connection, so that you can always   turn any image into an emoji mosaic.

How easy it is to apply art in the daily events of your life, turn a simple image into a beautiful visual effect, and transform your images with simple applications. You can already see that in a very easy and simple way you have learned to transform any image into an emoji mosaic, visual effect.

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