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WhatsApp and today the messaging client most used and loved by users. The company is continuously adding new features for be able to compete directly with Telegram. One of the latest options that have been added that has been overlooked is the ability to translate conversations on Whatsapp p being able to use this function to transcribe sentences in other languages. This way we can translate our messages into any language on WhatsApp, one of those very interesting tricks for this social network.

How to activate Google Translate on WhatsApp? 2022

install google translate in whatsapp we'll just have to install Swiftkey keyboard, you can install it directly from Google Play from the following link. I recommend downloading WhatsApp without the Play Store if you want sign up for their beta program.

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How to translate WhatsApp conversations? 2022

Do you want translate whatsapp into english?, because the first thing you should do is go into a conversation and click on the empty section of «write message».

It will open the SwiftKey keyboard for Android and we will see the top bar of the auto-correction, we will have to move to the left.

Move the keyboard hotkey to the left.

install google translate in whatsapp we need to look at the translator symbol, we go inside.

Click on the translation icon.

Translate Conversations in WhatsApp 2022

Now for translate from WhatsApp select on the left our native language and on the right we put the language in which we want to transcribe our message. We'll see how is translated by WhatsApp in real time. Once the message is finished , we send it.

Translate WhatsApp into English.

And voila, we already know how easily translate WhatsApp conversations. If you have any questions, you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Please, if it was useful, do not hesitate to share this content with your social networks, this helps me a lot.

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