How to translate a PDF file from English to Spanish online for free - no programs

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English is one of the most relevant languages ​​in the world, being the second language of most bilinguals on the planet. In any case, it continues to create problems for those who do not speak it. Even so, it's not a question to worry about as current technology provides us with solutions.

Fortunately, it is currently possible to translate documents with tools like Google Docs and with options like the ones we will show you below.

Translation today

The modern world has many structures, today it only takes a few clicks to perform complex tasks. The same goes for translation apps and pages.

Although translations made by systems such as Google are not perfect, the truth is that they are of a high enough standard to offer consistency in most translated writings.

In fact, Google is so powerful for translations that it is able to translate YouTube videos from English to Spanish without any programs, being a tool you should consider if you constantly use this video platform.

For all of the above, it would be very convenient to use this type of tool for the translation of text files, such as PDFs. Today you will learn the simplest method of translating PDF documents into Spanish.

How to translate a PDF file from English to Spanish online for free - no programs

There are several procedures for translating multiple documents, such as i PDF. This time we will talk about the simplest and most effective methods through which you can easily translate documents from English to Spanish without the need for programs.


DocTranslator is a page that specializes precisely in translation of documents into any language. Through programs and web solutions, translating PDF documents is very simple. In any case, remember that you also have access to other types of translations and documents.

  1. The first thing you should do is enter the website, you can do it through the following DocTranslator link.
  2. Scroll down the page until you find the orange button Translate now. By clicking on it, a new screen will appear where we will be told that we need to upload our PDF file.
  3. You can upload it in two ways, the first way is to click the button Upload file and locate it in your browser. The second method is to simply drag and drop the document into the window.
  4. If any kind of warning appears on the screen when you try to upload the document, click OKAY.
  5. When the document has been loaded, the choice of source language and target language will appear on the screen. In the first line you put English, as your text is in English while in the second you put Spanish.
  6. Click the button Translate.
  7. When the process is complete, you need to click Download the translated document! select the place where you want to save the document and you will be able to access it.

If you want to translate other documents like Word, Excel or PowerPoint, there are also more tools you can use for this case.

With Google Translator to translate PDF files from English to Spanish

The Google company also presents us with a solution for the translation of PDF documents. In any case it has some disadvantages, for example it does not detect the images of the documents, so the file we download will not have photographs or graphics.

It's still a viable option if you just want to translate the text. You can use this method as follows.

  1. Go to Google Translate and click on the documents option.
  2. The Browse Computers button will appear, click on it. Next you need to locate the PDF document you want to translate. Once found, click Open.
  3. The document will have been uploaded, to translate click on the translation option. Wait a minute, when the process is done, the page will direct you to the translated document.
  4. To save, press on browser configuration and then on print, you can also access this option by pressing the combination of tasti Ctrl + P.
  5. The save options will appear on the screen, make sure the option Save as PDF is enabled and click Save.
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