How to transfer photos or files from mobile to PC

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Saving all the information from our smart devices to our computer can be very convenient. Even so, for many newbies, backing up information is tricky, so if you want to know how to transfer photos or files from cell phone to PC, this is the place for you.

Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, thanks to this today we can have spaces where we can save our memories in photos, videos and other files.

In connection with this 21st century advantage, it should be noted that transferring files from PC to mobile phone with Pushbullet and the opposite operation, namely the transfer of photos or files from mobile phone to PC, are things you should master to protect your photos, videos, etc.

How to transfer photos or files from mobile to PC

Backing up your photos and files is something you should consider, being one of the easiest ways to connect an SD card to your mobile phone to save your documents there, but the truth is we always recommend that you backup your files on your computer.

In any case, there are several ways to perform this procedure, and today we will talk about the most efficient.

Using a USB cable

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to transfer files from your mobile to your PC is with a USB cable. USB technology has been a mainstay of computing practically since it emerged more than 20 years ago and, although yes has evolved over time, the principle remains the same.

USB cable transfers are fast enough, which makes it one of the most efficient ways to transfer files to our computers. If you are a beginner, don't worry, it's a very simple process to perform:

  • To transfer files from your Android to PC via cable, the first thing you need to do is connect the USB cable to your mobile phone and your computer.
  •  If this is your first time doing this, your computer will download i driver and the files needed for the transfer. It is also possible that different options appear on your mobile phone when you connect the cable, select » File transfer «.
  • Likewise, if you are prompted for permission to exchange files, just hit OK on the mobile phone screen.
  • If everything has been done correctly, the memory of your mobile will appear on the screen, if you have the micro SD two folders will appear. To locate your files, you need to know where they are.
  • Find your files and right-click on them and then on the copy option. Paste them anywhere on your PC by right clicking and paste option.

This is the way to transfer your files to your PC, using the USB cable, but what if you want to do this process wirelessly? The truth is that you can transfer photos, music and videos from PC to Android and vice versa without a USB cable and here are some alternatives for this.

Transfer your files via email from mobile to PC

While it is a bit more complicated process, it is possible that at some point you may want to be away from home back up important files. For these circumstances, e-mail is our best ally, because in a simple way it is possible to save files that are not very large in case of any eventuality.

  • To save files to your email, you just need to open the messaging application of your choice, such as Gmail.
  • Click on the + symbol located in the lower right area. The compose mail screen will open.
  • In To fill it in with your e-mail, i.e. with the same e-mail you have in the tab "Gives".
  • At the top left you will see a small icon in the shape of " clip «, Click on it, now click on attach files and select the documents you want to save.
  • Now just click on the send icon, which is located in the upper right area (it is the blue arrow).

With the previous process you will have the your files saved in your email and you will be able to access it on your PC. To do this, open your browser and access your email and download them.

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