How to Transfer My Songs from Apple Music to Spotify from PC - Quick and Easy

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How to Import My Spotify Songs to PC with Spotify Music Converter

Spotify Music Converter is one very useful tool for those who want to transfer Spotify music to other streaming systems like Apple Music.

To perform this process, Spotify Music Converter and Spotify for PC applications need to be downloaded to your PC. Remember that you also need to be logged in to Spotify (and it wouldn't hurt if you hire Spotify's premium plan which brings a lot of benefits). Once you have it already installed, you can begin the song import process.

Log in to the Spotify app. If you have a computer Windows you have to position yourself on the button Modification, while if you do it from Mac you have to start by clicking on Spotify. Both options are at the top of the screen (you can also choose to control Spotify with keyboard shortcuts).

Then, in the list of options that has been displayed, you need to position yourself in Preferences. From there, we will enter the Local Files section. We will then click on Add source.

In the list of locations on your device you need to click on those folders that contain music on your computer. When finished selecting folders, click OK. The button is located at the bottom of the box.

After adding the folder to Spotify, the whole DRM-free music in it will automatically be added to your streaming application.

To be able to access it from Spotify, you need to search for the section in the menu on the left of the screen Local files.

How to transfer my songs to Spotify with Soundiiz quickly and easily

In this section we will tell you how can i transfer my songs from Apple Music to Spotify with Soundiiz. This application is also available for Android and iPhone mobile devices. With it you can import music from any streaming platform to another.

Performing this process is very simple. You should only have Spotify, Apple Music and Soundiiz applications installed on your PC. In turn, you need to access each of them. In the case of Soundiiz it will ask you to register, you can do it with Facebook or Google.

Once you have everything ready, we'll start with the music import process, although in this case the correct word would be sync.

From the Soundiiz platform you have to connect all the streaming services you want to synchronize. In this case we will connect Apple Music and Spotify.

Now you have to wait a few moments for Soundiiz to process the information. When finished, you will be able to see the number of playlists under each streaming platform available in each of them.

To be able to transfer music from one application to another you need to go to Tools. From there, enter the Transfer section.

If you have the free version you will only be able to switch playlists. If you want to pass only a few songs you need to have the paid version of Soundiiz.

You must select the origin service, in this case Apple Music. A drop-down list will open with all the playlists you have available. Select all the ones you want to import to Spotify.

Once you have selected the playlists you have to enter in the target streaming application, aka Spotify. Once the import process is done, you can rename the playlists.

Before concluding, we must mention two key aspects of Soundiiz:

  • The paid version allows you to import up to 200 songs per playlist, and you can transfer multiple playlists from one platform to another at the same time.
  • Some songs will not be able to be transferred from one platform to another, but you can manually add them one by one to the ones you gave an error.

In this way you will have transferred your songs from Apple Music to Spotify from PC quickly and easily. So now you can go and start looking for tutorials to integrate information like: how to download music, songs and podcasts from Spotify?


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