How to transfer files from Windows PC to Mac via Ethernet cable

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Both platforms offer a multitude of utilities adapted to the needs of their users. Transferring and saving files from your PC to a USB flash drive is also very simple.

But if you want to switch from a PC to a Mac it may seem like a cumbersome process to migrate your files from one place to another, find out how to do it the easy way.

Windows Migration Wizard

La Windows Migration Wizard is a program that allows you to migrate files stored on a PC to a Mac computer.

Among the files you can transfer with this assistant are email accounts, calendars, contacts, photo files, among others.

The advantage of using the Windows Migration Assistant is that you don't have to manually locate files, as the assistant automatically places the transferred files on your Mac in the most suitable locations.

This utility is free for users Apple. You can download it from Apple's official website depending on the version of Mac OS you are using.

An important fact is that this migration wizard works for versions of the Windows 7 and later, so you should make sure of your PC version. Note that you can upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 for free without formatting or losing files.

Prepare your PC

After verifying that Windows of your PC is 7 or later and that it is updated correctly, you need to make sure you know the administrator account name and password.

It was used OneDrive on your PC, we recommend that you uninstall it, once the file migration is complete you can reinstall it.

Verify that the hard drive is not faulty. To do this, go to the start button and right-click, select the option Run.

Type cmd in the pop-up box and hit enter to open the command box. In this box, type chkdsk and hit enter.

This utility will inform you if there is an error with the disk, in that case type drive and the letter representing your Windows startup disk, for example, chkdsk: / C and hit enter.

In the next box press Y, then restart your PC and run the check again. Repeat the process if necessary.

How to perform file transfer with Ethernet cable?

Once your PC is prepared, go to the official Apple page and download the Migration Assistant for Windows corresponding to the version of Mac OS you are using and install it on your PC.

Make sure you close all open Windows applications, open Migration Wizard e premium pulsating Continues.

Connect the Ethernet cable to the PC port and the other end to the Mac. In some cases you may need an adapter, check the Apple website to make sure you have one.

If this is your first time turning on your Mac, the Configuration assistant it will open automatically, otherwise go to the folder Applications and then in Useful info to open the Migration Assistant.

You need to follow the instructions that appear on your Mac screen until you reach the Migration Assistant panel and select the option to transfer information from a Windows PC.

When you press Continue, you have to enter the administrator name and password in Windows and press Continue again, this will close all open apps on the Mac.

Next, you will see a list of available computers, select yours and wait to see it on the PC screen same code that the Mac shows to press Continue.

With this action, the Mac will begin scanning the PC's disk drives and will create a list of information to migrate.

In the end it is necessary select the information you want to transfer and click the continue button. Then you will see in the wizard window the progress of the transfer and the approximate time on both computers. Now you just have to wait for the completion message.

You can also check this link on how to know which type of Ethernet cable category you should use for PC.

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