How to transfer contacts from Android mobile phone to iPhone?

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The communication capacity we have today is so great that at any time we want we can communicate in real time with whoever we want. This is possible thanks to several factors, which have strongly influenced.

First, the use of digitization and its expansion through the internet, as well as the connectivity that has been obtained thanks to the network systems. Installed all over the world, the web has gradually evolved to what it is today.

On the other hand, they emerged devices designed to fully exploit the potential that connectivity has, which we currently have. It is about Smartphone, mobile devices with amazing capabilities, better and more capable every time.

How to transfer contacts from Android mobile phone to iPhone?


Through Smartphones we can connect to the web in such a practical way that it is becoming more and more common. Sending text messages, image files, audio and video has become a daily thing.

These devices they work thanks to operating systems pre-installed, these are the ones that take advantage of the capabilities of Smartphones. The software allows us to manipulate our devices in the most practical way possible.

Currently, the most popular operating systems that most smartphones work with are Android and iOS which is implemented in iPhones. These software are the most used to offer the best features and functions in their systems.

The features offered by these operating systems are very similar, through both we can have amazing tools. Accessing the web in a safe and very practical way is one of the most representative features of these software.

Although these systems are very similar, they are not very compatible with each other, for example when it comes to sharing information between these devices it can be a bit confusing. This is the case with the contacts we have recorded on our device.

Staying in touch with other people is essential, thanks to Smartphones we can interact with others in the most practical way possible. They also allow us to register the contact numbers of the people we want.

If for some reason it is necessary transfer contacts that we have on a device Android on an iPhone device, we can be a little complicated. For this reason, in this article we will learn how to transfer contacts from an Android mobile to an iPhone.

Steps to transfer contacts from Android mobile phone to iPhone


As we already know, the Android and iOS operating systems are not very compatible with each other, which is why transferring contacts from an Android to an iPhone can be a bit confusing. But following the steps mentioned below will be a very simple task.

First let's go to the cell phone Android from which we want to get the contacts, we enter the tool Settings, then we go down until we find the option "Accounts and synchronization" and select it. We will get all the accounts we have, we enter our Google account.

Now let's log into our account and enable the option Contact Us, it will start to sync and we wait for the process to finish. The next step will be to go to the cell phone iPhone has which we want to pass contacts.

In this device we have to open the mail application, then we log in with our Google account. When we enter, a tab will appear, where we must select the option Allow.

So we need to activate the option that says Contact Us and select the option Save, located in the upper right corner of the screen. At this moment the data will start loading, you have to be patient and wait.

Finally, let's go to the application Contact Us on our iPhone, in case we have not synchronized the contacts we have to click Update and wait. All the contacts that we had registered on our Android phone will automatically appear.

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