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It is that with the boom that has had the sending of voice notes, the use of the keyboard is almost nil. That's why we're going to teach you a great way to transcribe audio from speech to text | free tool.

It is that very drastic changes are taking place, so that this year the search by means of the voice is implemented. For this they would make use of personal assistants such as Sherpa, Amazon Echo, Siri and Cortana. This would become totally new, placing an order and having what we want at hand.

But what trick or trick can we use to make it come true, how to transcribe audio from voice to text, with our usual equipment. In the next tutorial you will learn a very easy way to do this using a totally free tool that will offer you acceptable results.

It seems like a science fiction thing, converting the audio of the voice to text, for example Google already has a technology that allows you to do this without having to install them and they are also free. The only drawback is that you should always perform a review to avoid getting errors in your document.

How to transcribe audio from speech to text with a free tool

With this tool we will be able to work perfectly with any text editing program and they will directly transcribe everything we dictate to them. This is really a significant time savings. Not to mention that we also save a lot of physical work, so let's see how to transcribe audio from speech to text.

For the realization of our explanation we used the Microsoft Word program, this as you know, is the best for text editions. And the tool we're going to use is the one that the Windows 10 operating system has, which is speech recognition. To access this tool we need to go to Windows Settings.

While you are there, we will write the following Vocal recognition, but before that it is important to install and configure a microphone. This is in cases where you don't have a microphone enabled so that speech recognition can work. Once the microphone is configured and installed, we can continue with the speech recognition.

We select this option, create a clip and then the Configure Speech Recognition Experience window will appear. We can appreciate several options like Start Speech Recognition, Configure Microphone, Watch the Speech Recognition Tutorial. Train the team to understand you better.

Voice recognition selection

In our case we will select the Start option Vocal recognition, making a clip, then a small device will appear on the screen. With a microphone icon and the word listen, to be able to activate and deactivate it, you just have to place the mouse on the microphone icon and make a clip.

Right now you have it active and you can start dictating so that it starts writing on the document. Remember, if you want to start typing you have to click on the icon, it will glow blue. When you don't want me to keep writing what you're saying, you just have to crop the microphone icon again.

Another way to do the same is through Google docs, you just have to enter this address in the browser. To do this you must have a Google account, if you already have one, you can log in and at the bottom right you will find a symbol that tells you that you can open a new document.

When you open it go to the top menu and select the tools tab, several options will appear that you will choose from Voice dictation. When you do this, a microphone appears in the document, you select it and start dictating. And as you can see, you have two simple and free ways of voice-to-text.

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