How to track or geolocate an exact dynamic IP address for free

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The IP address is the identification number that each computer has with the Internet. It could be said that it is also the identity card that identifies your computer on every website you access. In movies it is very common to see people "tracking" IP addresses, and it is possible in real life. ¿ How to track an accurate free dynamic IP or geolocation address?

The first thing you should know before tracking an IP address is that the process isn't quite as similar to what we see in movies and TV series. On television and in Hollywood, a computer expert can only find and locate devices by their IP address. But in real life the result and the process could don't be so efficient or "funny".

In fact, it is highly unlikely that you will actually be able to locate a computer by its IP, regardless of the method used. There are many different ways to track or geolocate an exact dynamic IP address for free, but you can follow the steps below to do it successfully.

How to trace an IP address

On the Internet, we can find many pages designed to search and locate an IP address you own. However, not all of these are truly reliable nor do they give you good direction when you want to locate the number.

Also, they can be quite complicated to use and don't explain how to use the results that returns search for the location of the address IP. It is best to use a page whose effectiveness is 100% proven.

Steps to trace an IP address

  1. Start by knowing what IP address you want monitor in real time, you can get it easily. If you want to monitor a computer that has joined your networks, you can see its IP in the "Login activity" section of the page. Or if you have the device near you, you can see the IP by clicking the Windows button and the R key, where you will see the reflected data.
  2. Find a really reliable internet page intended for tracking and geolocating IP addresses, there are so many all over the web.
  3. When you have a page you think you can trust, find out about its use. They generally incorporate a text box in which you need to enter the dynamic IP address you want to monitor. Find this box and enter the IP address mentioned above.
  4. You will likely see a box that says "Find IP address" or use a similar term, press it to scan. Depending on the page, the result could be a photo and a location on a map or longitude and latitude coordinates. Best of all, if it's a map, it has a link to Google Maps, otherwise it'll be useless.
  5.  If you have longitude and latitude coordinates, it will be sufficient to know the methods of writing the coordinates. After having been able to write the results correctly, enter them in Google Maps to get an approximate location.

It is important to note that many times the result the page will give you is not an exact location but an approximate area where it is located the dynamic IP.

Things to know before tracking a dynamic IP address

Dynamic IPs are somewhat different from normal IP addresses, as they change over time. That is, they have a specific duration period generally assigned by the company. Because of this they can be more difficult to track than a common IP, and what's more, it could even be impossible.

This is because they are used specifically by companies to protect their employee searches. Change the IP address every short period of time, making it impossible connect a device to a satisfactory real-time address. Therefore, you first need to know if the address you intend to track is dynamic or static.

The recommendations would be to know the length of time during which the IP is kept. And if you can't, after getting it, locate it as quickly as possible with the page of your choice. And more importantly, remember that you won't be able to get a specific location but an area rough.

If you don't want others to follow you, you should learn how to hide your IP address while browsing in Chrome.

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