How to temporarily disable WhatsApp quickly and easily

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Never before have we been so connected and at the same time so distanced and all this thanks in large part to the rise of social networks, among which WhatsApp obviously stands out. And is that this messaging client can be stressful, in fact, a few years ago I decided to get rid of it for a few months and the truth is that it has been surprisingly good for me. That's why it may seem like overkill to cut it out for a while, but still it's part of your plans for temporarily deactivate WhatsApp for a few days without deleting the application. Well, that's just what you'll learn today in The Power Of The Green Android, all explained step by step and with an original YouTube video.

How to disable WhatsApp temporarily without uninstalling it 2022

The easiest way to remove WhatsApp for a few hours and even days is to block application notifications, like this we won't have to uninstall anything and no one will disturb us as we will not receive any type of notification via messages.

How to block WhatsApp without deleting it 2022

The first thing we should do is enter the «Settings» of the phone and then «Applications», as in the photo.

We will now have access to a list where all the applications that we have installed on our phone are located, we will have to search among all of them WhatsApp and access it.

How to deactivate WhatsApp without deleting the application 2022

This screen is called "about the application" and here are some important details like: Storage, data usage, battery. But of all the options, the only one that interests us is "Notifications", let's go inside.

This is where we have to disable the tab that says «Show notifications», in this way we can be sure that our WhatsApp will be completely deactivated as we will not receive any notice via the notification system.

reactivate whatsapp, we will only have to enable the card «Show notifications» so that you can get notifications of incoming messages again.

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