How to Sync T500 Smartwatch with Android or iPhone - Step by Step

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In this article we will show you the correct way to synchronize your T500 Smartwatch device with your mobile phone, whether it is an Android or iPhone operating system.

T500 Smartwatch devices are undoubtedly one of the most popular smartwatches among people, despite being a device similar to Apple watches, the T500 Smartwatch stands out for having several very useful functions and also to be at an economical price.

To perform the functions that the T500 Smartwatch watches have, you will first have to connect and synchronize it with your device, which is possible regardless of whether it is iPhone or Android.

What requirements do I need to pair my T500 Smartwatch with a device?

One of the main requirements to be able to connect a T500 Smartwatch device to your mobile phone is to first verify that the mobile phone is have the same or higher bluetooth version in so they can connect.

Another important factor is that you download a compatible application to your mobile phone, which is able to connect with a T500 Smartwatch device. Below we will provide you with other tips to consider when you want to connect your T500 Smartwatch to your mobile phone.

The Smartwatch must have WiFi throughout the process

When starting the pairing process between the T500 Smartwatch and the mobile phone, it is important be connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, with enough internet so that no processes are interrupted, as this could generate an error.

Only one device can be paired at a time

When you connect a device, you need to keep in mind that you will only be able to connect your mobile phone to one T500 Smartwatch at a time, and the same happens if you connect your T500 SmartWatch, you just need to be able to connect it to a single device.

When you decide to change your phone or Smartwatch, we recommend that you restart your watch or unpair it and then connect it to another device.

The first time you pair it, it may take longer

When you want to connect a T500 SmartWatch device that you have just purchased, keep in mind that the pairing process may take a little longer than the normal time, this is because the device is just starting to work, after the first pairing, it it will load faster when pairing with other devices later.

Pair your Smartwatch with your device correctly

The T500 Smartwatch device is a watch that can be easily paired with any device, regardless of the brand or operating system it owns, to be able to do so you will have to simply download a compatible application. Here we will show you how to pair your T500 Smartwatch with these devices:

Synchronization with a Samsung

To connect your Smartwatch T500 to your Samsung mobile device, you will first have to download the suitable application to connect both devices, for this you can download the HiWatch application through the official Google Play Store or simply scan the QR code that gives the same watch .

After installing the application on your Samsung phone, you will have to keep opening it, then choose the option to add device, where you will need to add your T500 Smartwatch to connect it to your phone and start using the various functions offered.

Pair with your Huawei

In the case of mobile devices of the Huawei brand, they are not so different from the connection method of Samsung phones, you will simply have to download the application to connect your device to the Smartwatch T500, via the official Google Play Store., or even through an APK page.

After installing the application, all that remains is to connect both devices so that you can use the functions of the T500 Smartwatch at 100% without any problems.

Connect with Android Wear

One of the most used applications for T500 Smartwatch devices is l’app Android Wear, which allows you to expand the functions of your watch, while also allowing the possibility of making acquisitions completely through the T500 Smartwatch.

To start using this application, you just need to download it via the official Google Play Store and once installed on your phone you can start setting it up.

Pair your T500 smartwatch from the FitPro app

The FitPro application is a good alternative in case you do not want to use the default application required by your T500 Smartwatch, with this application you can have more specific information about your health and your performance during training.

This application it is totally free in so that you can download it in the Google Play Store, so it will not be a problem to acquire it to start using your Smartwatch T500.

Connect your T500 smartwatch with an iPhone

In case you had no idea, Smartwatch devices have no restrictions with any operating system, so it will also be possible for them to connect with iPhone devices, to do this you need to follow the following series of steps.

  • The first thing will be to download an application compatible with the Smartwatch T500 device on your iPhone, after it has been installed on your device you will have to open it and start the pairing process, to do this, click on the option to add device, 
  • Activate all permissions required by the application so that there are no problems when you connect your T500 Smartwatch.
  • In order to connect your T500 SmartWatch to your iPhone, you will also need to activate Bluetooth, once activated, press the search for devices button, and pair your phone with the T500 SmartWatch device.
  • After connecting it, you can perform all the functions of the T500 Smartwatch without any problem, you can start making calls from the numbers saved in your contact list and you can also start receiving notifications from text messaging applications.

How to connect my Smartwatch with other brands?

Currently, Smartwatch devices can be connected to all brands of phones, without any problem, as all they will need is to be compliant with the necessary Bluetooth version and you will also need to have the application installed to be able to connect the T500 Smartwatch.

Compatible devices to connect with a T500 Smartwatch are Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia, Apple, ZTE, Blu, Pocco and among other brands of smart phones.

Common reasons and causes why you can't connect watch to phone

Connecting your T500 Smartwatch device to your mobile phone is actually a very easy task to perform, however many users find it difficult, because in the pairing process there are various errors or problems, if this is your case, don't worry, here are some tips you can give to avoid these failures:

Turn on Bluetooth

It is important, to connect a T500 Smartwatch device to your mobile phone, to activate Bluetooth first, as this is the means that will be used to connect both devices and they can connect without any problem.

You can check if your bluetooth is activated by accessing the actions menu by doing slide the top of the phone to il low and activating the icon where the Bluetooth icon appears.

Delete the device and pair it again

You can also choose to remove the device from the connected devices section, then pair it again, repeating the pairing process. 

Launch the Wear OS by Google app

Finally, you could try using the Wear OS application to try to connect your T500 Smartwatch to the phone, as this application has different settings which do work better the Smartwatch. And voila, we hope this information was able to help you sync your T500 Smartwatch device with your mobile phone.

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