How to stop getting blank or incomplete text messages on iPhone?

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To those who have not happened to be waiting for an important message and suddenly a notification arrives, but when they open it they realize that it is empty. This can cause confusion and even annoyance for some people, so solving this problem is of the utmost importance.

Stop receiving blank or incomplete text messages on iPhone

There are several solutions to this problem, the first is to tell the person or people who usually send you blank messages to try and send shorter messages. Since the error may occur due to the length of the written text. 

This error occurs because when sending messages that are too long, the phone automatically cuts and splits them into more (can be two or three), which can cause blank messages to arrive because there is a problem sending (due to format). However, there is a trick to send a long text message from iPhone without any errors occurring.


So, if you've noticed that the person usually gives you receive blank messages writes huge texts, tell him to reduce the number of words, or to cut the message himself so that this annoying error never occurs again.

Configure the keyboard

One of the most common reasons for receiving blank messages could be because the person sending them to you is using a different keyboard than yours in the language. That means that he has his set in English and you in Spanish.

If you want to solve it, you will only have to change the language of the keyboard of your iPhone, in the corresponding language or whoever sends them to you will have to change theirs. With that both formats will match and the blank message problem will disappear forever.

Check your SIM card

Now that you know the above, you may have already solved the question How to stop getting blank or incomplete text messages on iPhone? However, if the error persists, it may be due to your SIM card.

To verify that this is the case, you just have to try to send a text message to a contact other than iPhone or call someone, if you can't, most likely the your SIM is dead or broken and this will cause receiving messages to be blank.


In case this is the problem, you should immediately change it to your provider or trusted telephone company, as there is no way to recover a card that has been damaged (at least not by your means). If you are worried that your number will be lost when you change cards, you shouldn't do this.

Because if you ask for it you will be assigned the same, the only thing that will change will be the physical card (which will be the same as the previous one but completely new and shiny). You can also try removing the SIM and inserting it correctly into your iPhone. If it doesn't work, you'll have to buy another one, as we've already explained.

And voila, by that you should already know enough to be able to have solved the problem of the question How to stop getting incomplete or blank text messages on iPhone ?, so now all you need to do is go to your mobile and apply each solution separately, to solve this annoying problem that is torturing your life.

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