How to stop following those who don't follow me on Twitter en masse?

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A useful tool as well as being able to prevent anyone from sending private messages on Twitter without consent, in order to promote both privacy and exclusivity in their account.

And it is that, whether you use them or not, everyone has to admit that Twitter has dominated the world for many years, as well as being the one that has changed the general view of social networks. But, for a while, that's not the case, so many people have left and left inactive i own identification, creating accumulations in accounts.

Unfollow those who don't follow me on Twitter en masse

Due to the above (the fact that many have dropped out) still active accounts are not generating the necessary likes, retweets and making Twitter list building a lost practice on the net.

And since there are still many active users, it is sought a very creative solution and this through various applications.

Today, there are many applications ranging from knowing if someone has entered your Twitter account without permission to managing the number of followers you have and even knowing who has unfollowed you at any given moment. One of them is called Justunfollow.

This application allows you to manage a lot of things in your Twitter account for free, so unfollowing those who don't follow me en masse on Twitter won't be expensive at all. All you have to do is connect it by entering your Twitter username and password (it's also for Instagram).


Once inside you will see sections that show things like: users don't follow you but you follow them, which you can unfollow by simply clicking on the link called "Unfollow" that appears next to their names.

It also allows you to see backwards the people who follow you, but you do not follow, and even better it allows you to see who has stopped following you so that you can also leave them in the same way as the previous one, just by clicking on the link to follow in mass.

However, for unlock the latter, you need to publish the application on Twitter itself (i.e. it's still free).


With the previous tool, you can stop follow massively Who does not follow me on Twitter, but it is not the only option there is also one that in its platinum version can surpass it and this is Tweepi.

To use it you just have to create an account which can be silver or platinum, they are only worth 13 dollars a month for the first and the second 25. Once you have created the account with the information requested by the page you will have access to functions such as:

In its silver version

Force the followers you don't want to follow you to stop following you, stop following the people you follow but don't follow you, clean the timeline stop following several people at the same time, among others.


In its platinum version

Unfollow users who haven't tweeted at all in 30 days, unfollow users who have never uploaded an avatar (the most inactive), unfollow those who don't even have a bio, unfollow those who have not followed you in 30 days after you followed them, among others.

As you could have read this tool is incredibly powerful and descriptive when it comes to fulfilling the function of unfollowing those who do not follow me on Twitter en masse, so if you have some money you want to spend this is your best option.

On the other hand, if you prefer to go for free, there is always Just unfollow which is pretty good too, so in conclusion you have several options to optimize your Twitter account and get the most out of it.

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