How to start streaming or streaming on Twitch with OBS or PS4 – Stream or rebroadcast on Twitch

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But to take the first step to do this, you will need to create an account on Twitch and go through all the process that comes with signing up. And once the process is complete , you will have your own channel and you will only have to create content. But it's important that you read the Twitch community guidelines first and learn about the rule violations.

Now we're going to determine which devices we want to use to stream live streams on Twitch after creating them. Since it is good that you know that from a PC, regardless of the operating system, it is more difficult to broadcast than from a PS4. Since there is no need to include software, as is the case with a PC, you need to use the OBS transmission free .

How to start making or broadcasting a Twitch stream with OBS

To get started with this tutorial we will tell you how to stream live from your personal computer using OBS. And the first step we will take is to download the application to your computer. And for that, go to the Twitch main page and start your session, now go to the username and click.

Now you need to click on the Creator Control Panel and from that link the OBS setup screen will appear. Now you need to click on the three dot icon and a menu with different options will appear. And among them you have to find and choose Transmission tool. This action will show you a page where you will find different applications.

In our case we will go to Search OBS and click on the Download option and select the version needed for your PC, for Windows, Linux or Mac. Once the download is complete, it is important that you do some configurations. This will allow your broadcasts to be optimal.

And you should focus on three key points, which are il bit rate audio, the video bit rate and the encoder. In the Output to OBS option and here you will set the video bit rate to 2500 OR 3500. If you want to output in high resolution, now the audio bit rate must be 128.

Now in order to broadcast you need to find and enter the broadcast key, to do so, log into Twitch and while on the tab, click in the top right corner to select Channel from the menu. Now you will be taken to a page where your password will be displayed, which you need to copy. Once this process is done, you can configure the microphone and audio and volume options.

You can now open the game you want to stream and in the Sources menu click the plus sign + so that a list of items appears. Now for catch the game, click the Screenshot option. But if you just want to capture the game use the Game Capture option. And now you just have to click on Start Streaming.

How to start creating or broadcasting a Twitch stream from PS4

With this console it is easier to broadcast as we have already discussed and for this we must first open the game to broadcast. When starting the game, press the Share button and this action will open the settings panel of transmission.

Now choose the broadcast service to receive a key and enter and there you will insert the key. And you will be ready to broadcast, if you wish you can configure the camera or microphone and then hit the Start broadcast option.

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