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Undoubtedly, knowing how to start a good conversation on Tinder is something fundamental to be able to meet people and flirt on this App, but at the same time it is one of the biggest challenges or headaches because this basic action can settle between having an interesting or diaphanous conversation and getting to something else or, in having to settle for continuing to play Play with little brother and lick his wounds for failing to pass this inevitable Tinder litmus test to be able to flirt… But don't worry, in Practical Resources we want to help you with a lifesaving article entitled: How to start a conversation on Tinder and not die trying, which basically consists of a battery of tools to be able to successfully start a conversation on Tinder.and so, to come out stoically well from this challenge and with it, meet people and flirt… sit down and let's go!

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6 points before starting a conversation on Tinder that you should know

Firstly, it is necessary and advisable to write down some essential points or aspects before you start writing someone a message on Tinder so that they do not screw up and no matter how logical or reasonable they seem, there are not a few who overlook them when it comes to the truth and with it they can cause more than a bad impression from the start or entrance, be careful with them.

1.- Take care of your spelling and writing:

Good writing is essential to being able to make a good impression on anyone and Tinder is no exception. For this reason it is advisable to write in the best possible way, taking care of the spelling and the coherence of what you want to express and even if hasty, typos and wrong spelling can play tricks… At least there must be some reasonable minimums to make yourself understood and not write things like: hello, what wapa… what ase!!

2.- Have courtesy and respect:

Linked to the previous point, it is essential that they try to express themselves in adequate terms and without falling into vulgarity or saying some precautions and curses for not having received the attention they think they deserve, which will lead them to a sensational course in Tinder, you know , that no one likes dealing with people who use profanity and are a little grumpy.

3.- Don't cut yourself and express yourself:

The time has come to leave shyness and shyness aside since in Tinder they will have to make a substantial difference if what they really want is to be able to meet new people and flirt. To do this, they must necessarily express themselves beyond boring and sharp monosyllables, thus suppressing messages such as: hello, yes, no, already, ok or good, among many other limited expressions. In this way we suggest you write more, develop ideas but without writing bricks or better, not to be flattering, audacious or fall into sentimentality worthy of telenovelas.

4.- Connect and transmit positive energy:

For things to really work, yes or yes, it is necessary to stop being accommodating and try to connect with the other person and what better way than to transmit emotions and positive energy, but yes, without going overboard. Learn to enjoy a conversation, sprinkle it with humor, surrender to the interaction, let them participate (it's not a written monologue), develop curiosity about that person with open-ended questions and concerns, and of course try to be a contributor to him or her and that Don't be the dumping ground of your problems and fears.

5.- Be original, be yourself:

Seriously, there is nothing more boring and boring than dealing with people who comment on typical things and even use the same words. If you're going to say the same thing to everyone else and get the same result, then it's better to stop and do things differently so that you get different results, don't you think?

6.- Hey, don't go so fast! :

On the one hand, moderation and tranquility are essential to be able to manage social interaction with ease and for this it is advisable to tame one's anxieties and desires in order not to act rashly or rashly, for example by responding immediately to a greeting or a match. , this will project some desperation and that you will spend it on Tinder… Therefore, wait when you reply, generate mystery. Now, and together with the above, it is possible that they don't speed things up in the conversation, respect the times (they don't force them) and forget once and for all things like: at my house or at yours? Anyone who starts.

Well, well, well… With that, they already have the minimum considerations that everyone should have to start a conversation on Tinder and stoically have a conversation and aspire to be able to flirt, but still that's not all… Now it's is It requires composing those lines of initial texts to give the initial kick that will determine between knowing and not knowing people on Tinder and that is what we will explain later.

How to start a conversation on Tinder

Having said and clarified the above, let's move on to the really appetizing part of the article and that is how to start a Tinder conversation and not die trying or, how the hell start a chat on Tinder.

There are, in our opinion, 3 essential gears to "start the machine" or, to be able to start a conversation on Tinder with a powerful first sentence to break the ice properly and which is made up of the following:

A greeting + a polite compliment + an open-ended question with an appropriate comment

How To Start A Conversation On Tinder | Explanation and examples

Now, you need to tear him apart like a real Jack the Ripper so that they understand each of these with practical examples.

1.- Gear n. 1: Greeting

Always, but it is always necessary to greet at the beginning of the conversation and for this you can use the informed greeting (Hello) or, more formally (Good morning, Good evening) and next to it, the name or nickname of the person from whom Tinder and this is very valuable since you will immediately build a bond with that person, get their attention and give them seriousness. Along with that and optionally as a topping or formality, you can ask how he's doing and then something like this would come out:

Hi Danielle, how are you? " or " Good evening José, how about these?

2.- Gear n. 2: courtship

After the greeting, a good strategy is to integrate some measured courtship or compliment, deferential, intelligent and always personalized (you won't tell him something about his beautiful smile, if he doesn't appear smiling in his photos) and also, you will never be a simpleton (you're cute or cute, handsome!) or falls into direct or pedestrian flattery. To start this courtship, choose one or more words that show category and attract attention, and finally, you may get something like this:

…Sorry, I have to tell you first that you have a very tender and sweet smile, but surely you already know that… " or, " First of all I have to tell you a secret: you are beautiful! Don't you get tired? hehe!…

3.- Gear n. 3: opening

Now, to conclude with a gold medal, the text will have to one way or another formulate a commentary with an open question or concern after the courtship and that must be carefully thought out to encourage or stimulate interest and a response beyond, a brief yes or no. To pick a good question, carefully review that person's photos on Tinder and, of course, the description of, well, there, this key and you might then write something like this:

…Wow, I see you like dogs too… Precisely, I was thinking about having a loving and playful dog but I haven't decided yet, what about the breed of your dog, are they affectionate? " Or, " … I see you like running, there are two of us, you know>

First message on Tinder

Finally, if they put the pieces or gears together to start the car like this, they could then get this:

  • Example 1

Hi Danielle, how are you? First of all I have to say you look great in your pictures and I'm sure you've been told this on more than one occasion hehe! Well, when I saw your photos I discovered something that caught my attention… Seriously! do you like pearl jam If so, I have a good tip for you, do you want to know?

  • Example # 2

Hi Hector, how are you? Even if I see you very beautiful, I have to ask you as a formality hehe! Anyway, notice in your photos that you seem to like good wine and good food and what a trivia, well, me too! Hmmm… I'm a bit confused, can you help me… Do you know where they sell good wines around here?

How To Start A Conversation On Tinder | Reaction

Surely, if they send a message that contains these three gears explained, then and most likely it will attract the interlocutor's attention for being a very different text from the common and deadly one that is sent on Tinder (Hello beautiful, hello, How are you, etc. .) and not only that, it will stimulate the interlocutor to respond with the respective greeting, the gratitude of the courtship and also, with the development of the question that was asked and with that, they started on Tinder on the right foot.

Now, you need to start the conversation thread with a good response and keep the bar high in the conversation by displaying a good sense of humour, intelligence and social skills (the key points outlined above) and that simple, is how to start a conversation. conversation on tinder and don't die trying, try and see.

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