How to stabilize and enhance shaky or badly recorded videos

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It is quite common for this to happen. We are not always in the best conditions to be able to record a video; which can lead to something that does not convince us at all. One of the most common problems is the image vibration in movement or video.

But don't worry as this all has a solution and it's easier than you can imagine. You don't need to know how to handle very complicated programs or anything like that.

Since the program we will use to stabilize a video has a free version; which is more than enough for what we want to achieve and it could be said that it does everything on "autopilot" since it is extremely intuitive and with just a few clicks you will have your video stabilized, which greatly improves its quality.

How to improve a badly recorded video

The first thing you will need to do is obviously download the VideoProc program which is available for both the identification Windows and Mac ones. This program has a free version which will be enough for what we want to do next:

  • As soon as we open the program we will see a large number of options. What interests us is the first one who says " Video «.
  • So we will go up and among the options we have one that says " Video "With the sign" + " next to. Clicking on this option opens a new window which would be the file explorer. From this window we will find the location of the video that we want to stabilize and we will double click on it.
  • Once loaded we can do a few things from cut it, subtitle it, add effects, rotate it, watermark, etc. Until we change the format if we think it is necessary.

How to stabilize badly recorded videos

  • But what we will do is stabilize the video in question and for that we simply have to go to the options below where the different tools are. Il first is to stabilize the video. If you go over it you can see what each of these effects mean.
  • In case you don't have many ideas on the subject, we recommend that you leave everything by default. If you have some time and want to experiment a little, you can play around with the options. Once done, simply click on the button that says » Done " bottom right.
  • Once you have everything ready, all that remains is to click on the button that says " RUN »At the bottom right and it will depend on the duration of the video how long the program can take to process it.

The only downside to using this program is its free version is that it has a video limit of less than five minutes. If your video is a little longer and you don't want to pay for the program, a good recommendation would be to cut it and then edit it with VideoProc.

But as you can see, it's extremely easy to learn to stabilize and enhance a moving or poorly recorded video in just a few steps. You will be able to quickly enjoy that video that you thought would not work for you and the result is simply amazing.

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