How to simulate Always On mode on my IPhone X screen?

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Technology advances by leaps and bounds, we have smaller and smaller but useful functions on our phones. One of these is the one that allows you to simulate the mode Always On on the screen of my iPhone X easily and simply.

Here's how you read about this feature that was available for Nokia and Samsung, it can also be used by La Manzanita users and what better phone to use than all’iPhone X beast, which is one of the best mobile phones on the current market, which competes not only with its peers but also with other equal companies.

Remember to know the differences between an iPhone XS and an iPhone XR to learn about their functions and how this mode works in each of them.

What is Always On Display Mode?

Before learning how to simulate Always on mode on my iPhone X screen, it makes sense that we first know what this mode is and what it is for. Well it's very simple, this function keeps a part of the screen active, when it is suspended or in suspend mode.

In another way, you can also turn Always on Display on or off on any Android, so it's not particular to iOS or Apple.

It shows the time and can be configured to show a variety of screensavers as well as notifications of our choice. This makes it very useful if we want to rest and only look at what is needed on the phone screen (we don't have to unlock it or turn on the screen to see notifications, for example).

This feature is very useful, and can be used in phones with screens Super Amoled, whose characteristics are to be able to turn off black pixels, sensors, processors and colored pixels.

Its only drawback is that it consumes a lot of battery (3% more battery consumed), as this function will keep the screen (at least part of it) always on.


Therefore, it is always good to have some tricks on hand so that the battery of the mobile phone recharges faster, even if with Apple phones everything is a little more delicate.

Simulate Always On mode on my iPhone X screen for safety and comfort

Now, what have you come up with, yes, you can place Always on Display mode on iPhone X, as this is the first of this brand with an OLED screen and it is completely safe. To be able to simulate Always on mode on my iPhone X screen, you just need to follow a few simple steps, first download an application called OLEDX.

After downloading it, go to " Settings »Inside the mobile phone, then to guided access. Upon login, you must enter a password and proceed to access this function. Here we make sure that the cursor or button " Accessibilità »Is activated, once this is done we can open the application and set the Always on Display mode to our liking.

Having already met the requirement to activate the guided access, we only have to give the side button of the iPhone three times, it will logically lock and show us the Always on mode (battery, time, screen protectors, among others).

To be able to exit this mode and unlock the iPhone X again, we only have to give the button on the side of the mobile twice, which will activate the identification with the face, allowing us to enter.

It should be noted that this method, although it consumes more energy than usual, does not drain the battery as much (thanks to this application) and it will not damage the screen or cause any repercussions on the iPhone X.


A small but useful feature

The scoop on this conclusion couldn't be truer, and that is that although simulating Always on mode on the screen of my iPhone X, it sounds like something silly, it is much more useful than you think, with this you will not only have a feeling of control. , but you can always be aware of the time and notifications without pressing a single button.

This relatively new feature for Apple users only brings benefits, since, leaving aside the weakness of the battery, the Always on Display will add safety and comfort to your life, whether busy or not, always needs peace and shortcuts to make it easier.

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