How to sign up, open and use a Tinder account without Facebook Is it possible?

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One of the best options you have when choosing a platform to meet new people is mode tinder with which you can register. Therefore, it makes sense that he has a different account, open and used, being one of the best applications for flirting.

On the other hand, while these options aren't very varied, they allow you to create an account on Tinder without connecting Facebook.

So, in order for you to enjoy this benefit, we will show you the steps you need to follow so that you learn how to register, open and use a Tinder account without Facebook.

What are the options with which you can sign up or open a Tinder account?

The platform available for the Tinder application has become the favorite of those who want meet new people and connect with them. Well, the versatility of its functions for filtering out who you might be compatible with is unique in the entire dating app market.

However, one of the few drawbacks this platform has, but which is relatively large, is that it only has two ways in which it is possible. register or create an account on the Tinder platform. Also, if that's not enough, neither of these two options is to sign up with an email.

Therefore, you have at your disposal only the options of signing up and logging into Tinder with Facebook or from your phone, that is by entering the number with your mobile device on the platform. Furthermore, you can also access the platform by connecting your Google account.

Keep in mind that it is possible that it will come later connected to your Facebook account, if it is the same email address.

How to register or open a Tinder account without Facebook?

One of the biggest drawbacks of Tinder's dating application is the few options available at the time of signing up. Therefore, in case you wish to go unnoticed, you can register using your phone number on Tinder.

This way, you can use this dating app without connecting Facebook to it, so you can enjoy Tinder without your Facebook friends knowing. So, to sign up for Tinder with your phone number, you just need to log into the application from your mobile device or computer.

Once there, in the main Tinder window, you need to locate the "Create Account" option which is shown below. Next, you need to select the option » Log in with your phone number ". When you log in, you will only have to enter the number that your device has and wait to receive a confirmation code to verify your identity.

Also, if needed, you can change the phone number of your Tinder account later. If you decide to log in with your Google account instead, you need to log in to it in so that it is connected to Tinder.

How to use a Tinder account without Facebook?

For those who have never used any other dating app before, Tinder is the best option in this vast world. Well, the ease with which it is possible to use all the functions available to this platform does not make it necessary to have experience to adapt to methodology for flirting on Tinder.

Therefore, once you register or create an account on this platform without Facebook, you will only have to enter your profile settings to set the necessary filters based on your interests. So that you can start interacting with the available people around you.

So it is possible use a Tinder account without Facebook. Also, there is really no difference when using this platform with Facebook connected or not. Well, you can access the same perks when it comes to dating matches and potential flirts.

However, you will have the advantage of using Tinder and at the same time going unnoticed in front of the social network Facebook. However, you won't miss anything you can't enjoy with Tinder.

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