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Messenger is an instant messaging service that has always been a part of Facebook. Now it is possible access this section of the social network independently, using the same access data: email or telephone number and password. You can do it both from your own web browser mobile or desktop, either using the official application on your smartphone or tablet.

One of the benefits of accessing Messenger this way is that you can avoid any of the Facebook distractions and focus solely on contact your friends and family around the world quickly and easily. This service offers you the possibility to make calls and video calls, both individually and in groups. Also, you have the popular chat option available with fun stickers, gifs and emoticons.

From your mobile

To use Messenger on your mobile device you need download the application, available for both Android and iOS phones. After installing Messenger follow this guide:

  1. When you open the app, you may see the option » Continue as » if you already have Facebook sessions open.
  2. If you decided to log in manually or simply didn't have that option, simply enter your email (or number) and password. Then press «Log in «.

At the end of the steps you will be immediately redirected to your mailbox. On the other hand, although it is not available for iOS, Android users can use it as well Lite version of this app. Click here to download it.

from the PC

Now you can access Messenger from the web, whether you want to use your PC or your mobile phone, you won't need to log in to Facebook, because you can do it from the official Messenger website. To enter, simply follow these steps:

  1. Follow this address:
  2. Then enter your email or phone number in the first field, along with your password in the second and press “ Continue ".

Additionally, you can check the box » Keep Login» located at the back of the screen, if you want to log in to your account next time without entering your login details. It is recommended that you uncheck this box if you are using a shared computer.

Security tips and advice

There are some guidelines or tips to follow for improve security when accessing your account, which are listed below:

Change your password frequently

It is recommended to periodically change your password to prevent a hacker or even a friend or family member from guessing it. To do this you must enter the Facebook profile configuration, in the Security and login section, where you will easily find the option to change your password.

Usa program antivirus

We recommend use antivirus programs on the computers you use to access Messenger, to protect your login information and other personal data from harmful programs.

Don't save your password on shared devices

While it seems like an obvious precaution, it's a common mistake to leave the box checked » Keep logged in» when you log in from someone else's PC or mobile phone. Some users unintentionally turn on quick login or save their password. So, anyone you use the same device will have access to all your conversations in Messenger.

Some login issues

In this section of the most frequent problems to access Messenger, you will find the most common login errors together with their respective solutions.

Forgot your email or phone number

In case you have forgotten your email address, it is best to try to recover it and then use it to log in. If you have previously set up trusted contacts, you will also have the option to use them to regain access.

To resolve this issue and access Messenger, follow this link or click » Forgot your account? ”, in this section you must provide your data connected to the account. Subsequently, you will need to indicate a new email as a trusted contact to send the security code. This person will need to provide you with this code so that you can regain access to your profile.

loss of password

If you have forgotten your Facebook Messenger passcode, you need to do the following. First, follow this link to access the account recovery page. You will then be able to enter the mobile phone number or email associated with your account. You must have the method you choose at hand in order to receive a verification code that you will need to enter later.

Account hacked

If you believe your account has been hacked or is being used by someone else, please follow this link to report the issue and then try to regain access the same way as the previous methods.

With these alternatives you know everything you need to enjoy Messenger, a platform which, since it is used separately from Facebook, is becoming more popular every day. It's an excellent option for keep in touch with friends and family around the world, from your phone or using your computer.

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