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Instagram it is one of the most important social networks in the world and also one of the most used globally. Among its features we can publish photos or videos in the Instagram feed, but we can also create different publications such as Stories, today we will show you how share a History in a publication of ours Instagram feeds.

Instagram allows us to share Stories with whoever we want, as much as we can share the publications of our feed by creating a Story, but conversely Instagram does not allow us to do it, but we will teach you a trick to be able to do it.

Share Stories videos in Instagram feed

Even if it seems very obvious sharing a video we've uploaded to Instagram Stories is easy, but many people don't realize the little trick that exists to be able to do it, follow the steps we indicate below to share a video of a Story in the feed.

  1. The first thing we will need to do is Locate the Stories video that we want to leave in our Instagram feed or upload one.
  2. Next we will have to press the button «Save» marked with a downward pointing arrow.

  1. We will now have to follow the same steps as we would to make a post in our feed.
  2. On the Instagram main page we will have to click on the button "+" to create a new publication.

  1. Now click on «Publish».

  1. Then we will choose the video that we saved earlier, that is, the Story video that we have in our photo and video gallery.
  2. In the window that appears we will have to click again "Publication", because now Instagram allows us to create a Reels when we will make a publication for our feed.

  1. We will follow the steps to edit our video and finally we will have to publish the video, in this way we can have the video we had in Stories permanently in our feed.

Share Stories photos on our Instagram feed

We have already told you how can we share a video from Stories in our Instagram feed, now it's time to do it with images, because the process is very similar, but there are steps that we will have to modify, follow these steps:

  1. To be able to save a photo of a story, we'll have to take a screenshot, but we have the problem that when we take a screenshot, the elements of our mobile appear as history user indicators.
  2. To hide these elements we will have to press and hold the screen and the photo will be fully uncovered and complete.
  3. Now we will have to do it screenshot without taking your finger off the screen.
  4. In this way we will create a photo in which we will be able to see the complete photo, but we will also see the battery, network and clock indicators.
  5. To eliminate these elements we will have to crop the photo with any photo editor, you can use Photopea, the online alternative to Photoshop.
  6. When we have edited the photo, we will have a complete photo and then we will be able to create a new publication of said photo so we can always have it in our Instagram feed.

This is the easiest way to share the videos and photos of our stories on our Instagram feed, but you should know that the format of the stories is vertical, so when we want to upload a post we will not see the full size of the photo or video so you will have to cut it even more.

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