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Instagram stories are one of the best ways we have to express ourselves today through social networks, because we can share every moment of our day on Instagram, but we can also do it at the same time on Facebook, i.e. we can share our instagram stories in facebook stories and today we will teach how to do it.

Some time ago the stories made it to Facebook, but it is a function that very few use or at least less than Instagram Stories, but we can give Facebook a second chance and add more content by sharing Stories within it.

Next we will tell you how to share all or some instagram stories to facebook wall in so your Facebook friends can see them. You will only have to follow a few very simple steps and you will only be able to set it up once.

Your Instagram stories also on Facebook

The steps you will see below are the same for Android and iOS devices, so you can do it from any of them, you just have to follow them to share Instagram Stories to Facebook:

  1. We open the Instagram app and create the story we want to share.
  2. Now click on "Send to".

  1. Before sending the Story to our contacts we will have a drop-down option in our name called “Sharing options «.

  1. When we press, two options will appear, one will be to always share Instagram stories to Facebook and another will be to share only the story we are uploading.

If we chose «Share once», we will have shared this Story only on Facebook, but if we want everyone to do it, we will have to change that option from the Instagram settings.

  1. We will go to the configuration and click on «Privacy».
  2. Now we will click "Chronology".

  1. We're going down and will activate the feature «Share your story on Facebook».

In this way, all the Stories that we upload to our Instagram profile will also be shared on Facebook, but you should know that they don't have the same compatibility, so some items we add to Instagram Story won't appear on Facebook.

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