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Instagram is a social network that has grown at such a gigantic pace that it can now look from «you to you» to other big ones like Facebook or Twitter. And is that one of the great attractions of this social network is the possibility of sharing short videos on your user profile that are called «Stories» and disappear 24 hours after publication. Undoubtedly this function is more than interesting and it may well be that you have seen a post from another person that interests you and you wonder «How do I share an Instagram post in My Story», because the Green Android will tell you how to do it step by step.

Can you share posts on Instagram?

Yes, you can share posts on Instagram but only if they are public accounts.

How to share an instagram post to my story step by step 2022

Found an Insta post you like? Well, first thing we need to check is that the account is publicotherwise we won't be able to share that post in our story. Once verified, we must insert the publication we want to share in our Stories.

At the bottom of the picture we will see Instagram likes, comments and sharing, the latter we will give.

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How to share an Instagram post from another user 2022

If we have followed the previous steps we will see that a menu at the bottom of the screen with other users to which we can send said content however what we want is add the publication to our story, then we will give it in its corresponding section, as pictures.

How to add a post to your story fast and easy 2022

In this screen we will have everything to be able to set up another person to post to our Instagram StoriesFor example we can do the following:

  1. Add icons, stickers, freehand drawings and text.
  2. Finally we must give "Your story" to share this publication in our Stories.

Why can't I share an Instagram post to my story?

If after following this tutorial it is impossible for you share an Instagram post to your story, it's almost certainly why the account is not public.

Hope this tutorial helped you know how to share a post on instagram, if so, you will help me a lot if you share this content with your social networks… Thank you very much!

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