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One of the things I like most about Android is how easy it is to personalize our smartphone. Indeed, in The Power Of The Green Android we have already seen some tricks with which we can change the color of the WhatsApp icon, restore the classic Google icons on Android and even put a Santa Claus hat on WhatsApp. Today however we will take it a step further in terms of personalization as we will show you how insert the classic Instagram icon, an ideal tutorial for i nostalgic.

Can you put the classic Instagram icon?

Yes, it can be put natively on Android and iOS for some time the application celebrated its 10th anniversary and now we have the possibility to natively put the vintage Instagram icon. For this, the only thing we will have to follow are these steps:

How to Put Instagram Classic Icon on Android and iOS 2022

  1. Let's open our profile tapping on our profile picture.
  2. We select the 3 horizontal lines at top right.
  3. Let's "Settings".
  4. In «Settings» we scroll the screen from top to bottom until we see some icons at the top of the screen.
  5. We will have at our disposal one multitude of Instagram icons to choose from.

However, this is a courtesy feature of Instagram's XNUMXth anniversary, so it's not known for sure how long that will last. But don't worry, we'll show you below how to put the Instagram icon of a lifetime without having to depend on the application.

How to add vintage instagram icon to android step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do is download the old icon, for this we will only have to enter Google Images in our mobile search engine and follow these steps:

  1. We enter the image search engine and type «Instagram classic icon».
  2. We choose the one we like best and download it.

Scarica Nova Launcher free 2022

We have to install Nova Launcher from the Play Store application store via the following link.

How to Put Instagram Classic Icon on Android Quick and Easy 2022

We open Nova Launcher and select it as startup app forever.

Add a Instagram shortcut to desktop and leave your finger pressed on the icon until a small menu appears in which we must select «Edit». With this, will the option to change the direct access we have to select the application icon, as in the photo.

On the next screen we select «Applications».

Then we have to choose our favorite photo gallery.

Here we will choose the icona vintage which we previously downloaded.

  1. We adjust it so that it is closer to the corners.
  2. Let's "Done".

Finally we will select "Done" in «Edit link».

And that's it, as you see it doesn't have much mystery, however if you still have problems you can always leave me a comment and I will try to answer you as soon as possible. Don't forget that you can share this article with your social networks, which helps me to continue with this project.. Thank you so much for everything!.

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