How to send stickers between us via WhatsApp

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Among Us is one of the mobile games that has been causing a sensation in the last year, proof of this is that on our blog we have dedicated some tutorials such as: Change the name in Among Us, how to put it in Spanish or even reduce the lag in the game. But today we present you a tutorial with which you can surprise your friends with WhatsApp since you will learn to send Among Us stickers through this application and in this way you will be able to express opinions or feelings with the characters of this fun game.

How to Send Among Us Stickers via WhatsApp 2022

The first step you need to follow for download a sticker pack from Among Us for WhatsApp is to install the app

What is and what is it for?

It's a free app available for iOS and Android that allows us to create WhatsApp video statuses and even our own stickers. The good thing is that we can download Among Us stickers for WhatsApp created by other users.

Install free 2022

You can download for free directly from the respective application market via the following link:

  • Android
  • ios

How does work to send stickers between us step by step 2022?

As soon as we enter the app we will see that it asks us to register with Facebook or Gmail, we will ignore it and click on "Jump" which is an option located at the top right.

How to Download De Among Us Stickers for WhatsApp Free 2022

Now we just have to go to the application search engine and do the following:

  • We write "Between us" without quotes and select one of the available packages.

Add stickers between us in WhatsApp fast and easy 2022

  1. We will give «Add to WhatsApp».
  2. When it asks us if we want Among Us memes on WhatsApp, we will click "Add".

How to Send Among Us Memes on WhatsApp 2022

Now we just have to access any conversation on our favorite messaging client and click on the smiley face icon.

  1. Andiamo to the icon of adhesives.
  2. We will see that there is a new icon pack.
  3. We select the one we like best.
  4. And voila, we will already have it sent.

And in this simple way we can send easily meme Among Us tramite WhatsApp. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks.. it would help me a lot.. Thanks!

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