How to send audio with robot voice via WhatsApp

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One of the things I like most about smartphones is their versatility since we can use the same device for functions that were not initially part of the basic functions of the device. And is that in The Power Of The Green Android we have seen applications that allow us to detect pipes in walls, use our mobile as a lightsaber or we have even seen a beer simulation app. Today, however, we will see a curious application called Voice changer with effects that will allow us to send an audio with a robotic voice via WhatsApp, ideal in case we want to play a joke on a friend to express Darth Vader.

What is Voice Changer with Effects app and what is it for?

It is a free application that allows us to modulate and distort our previously recorded voice to apply various sound effects such as: Alien, Dwarf, Cavernous o robot.

Download Voice changer with effects free 2022

You can install free voice changer directly from the Google Play application store via the following link.

How to send audio with Robot Voice via WhatsApp step by step 2022

The first thing we should do the first time we open the application is the following:

  1. Click on the microphone.
  2. We accept the necessary permissions for the app to use the micro.

Once the relevant permissions have been granted, we will proceed to recording the audio that we want to send via WhatsApp with an android voice.

How to send an audio via WhatsApp with robot voice fast and easy 2022

In this section we will have a multitude of filters to distort the audio that we have just recorded. To share the audio of the robot we must give the 3 vertical dots that are in its section.

How to share an audio with whatsapp robot voice 2022

A menu will open with several options, since the only one that interests us is "Share » then we will select it.

On the next screen we will have many options to share our sound, we will have to select WhatsApp.

These will take us to the messaging application where we will have to do the following:

  1. We select the contact to whom we want to send the audio.
  2. We give the icon «Send».

And voila, we already know how to send robot audio to a contact via whatsapp.

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