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All of us have ever seen ourselves in the position of having to add contacts to a person to send an SMS. This can become a bad experience in the case of strangers or toxic people because saving such a number in the memory of our Smartphone is not to everyone's liking. That's why it's perfectly understandable that you wonder if it's possible send a WhatsApp without adding a contact and the answer is yes, as you will see below.

Can you send a WhatsApp without setting the number?

Yes, it is possible send a whatsapp message without adding officially a contact and all thanks to an API that this messaging client offers us. Don't worry, it's tremendously simple that we have already used in a tutorial where we have shown you how to chat with yourself, you just have to follow the steps that we indicate in The Power Of The Green Android.

How to send WhatsApp to a contactless number step by step 2022

open a WhatsApp chat without enlarging it the first thing we have to do is (obviously) have the official application of this messaging client and a mobile browser.

Link to send WhatsApp without adding contacts 2022

Once these 2 requirements are met we will go directly to our browser bar and write the following:


It is important that after the «+» we write the prefix of our country, i.e. if we come from Spain we must put + 34 the number (where is it "the number" è the phone number of the person to whom we want to send a WhatsApp without programming).

On the next screen we will see how the official WhatsApp page will open and tell us if we want to chat with the list we have previously indicated, then we will click on «Continue chatting».

How to send WhatsApp without adding contacts Easy and fast 2022

If you followed the previous step correctly, we will now have a WhatsApp conversation without having to add the contact to our agenda.

What is the application to send WhatsApp without adding a contact?

In case this trick gets confusing, you can always use apps that allow you to perform this task, the best known being EasyMessage.

Scarica Easy Message gratis 2022

You can install Easy Message for free directly from the Play Store application store via the following link.

If you still have questions about how to send whatsapp without contact you can always leave me a comment and I will try to reply as soon as possible. Don't forget that you can always help other people by sharing this tutorial with your friends and family through your social networks.. Thank you so much for everything!

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