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The last day of the year has come, so you should know how to send a New Year or Christmas greeting via WhatsApp to all your contacts so you don't have to go one by one sending them a phrase, text, image or other type of congratulation.

In WhatsApp there is a very specific feature that allows you to send the same message, image or any other file to as many people as you want at the same time, and no, you don't do this by creating groups with all your contacts and sending the content there.

It is a possibility if people from your family participate in the group, but surely you have a large number of contacts who don't even know each other, so to send congratulations to everyone we will use a functionality called transmission lists, a very convenient utility.

WhatsApp broadcast lists allow you to convey the same message or congratulations in this case to all the people you want, with the particularity that a message will be sent to each person on the list and in private.

This is much faster and more convenient, so these would be the steps to create a broadcast list WhatsApp to send congratulations:

  1. Open your WhatsApp.
  2. In the case of WhatsApp for iOS, go to the «chats» tab and click on «casting lists». On Android, the option is also visible if you click on the three vertical dots icon at the top.

  1. At the bottom click on «new list» and start adding all the contacts you are going to send congratulations to, you can put from a few people or select them all. There are New Year greetings in the form of GIFs, also pictures to congratulate 2021 and much more.

You have already created the broadcast list, now you will enter the chat and you can send the congratulations you want via WhatsApp, the advantage this offers is that the message will be sent to everyone at the same time and without those people who are on the list finding out who you sent the same thing to.

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