How to send a message on Facebook without being a friend

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It has happened to all of us that while browsing Facebook we have found a user to whom we have been tempted to send a private, the only problem is that we think that if our friend request non is accepted, we will not be able to send any SMS.truth?. Well today in The Power Of The Green Android we will teach you how to send a message on facebook without being a friend, this way you can contact users who are not in your friends list.

 What do I need to send a message on Facebook without being a friend?

You just need to have 2 free applications:

  • Download Facebook for mobile.
  • Download Messenger for Android or iOS.

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How to Send a Private Message on Facebook Without Being a Friend Step by Step 2022

All we have to do is locate the profile of the person we want to send a message through Messenger without being a friend. Once identified we will have to look for the «Messenger» icon (it has the symbol of a lightning bolt ⚡), once we find it we press it.

Now it's as simple as following these steps:

  1. In the chat box we write the message we want send.
  2. Let's click on the «Send» icon And that's it.

Why can't I send a private message without being a friend on Facebook?

In case you have problems sending an SMS via Messenger to a user who is not your friend, it could be because that person has set up their Facebook profile with a more restrictive privacy control that doesn't allow you to receive messages from other people without having them in your contact list.

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