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WhatsApp offers us many functions, one of them was implemented a long time ago, the broadcast lists, with which we can send bulk messages through the mobile, but just like we do it from the mobile, we can do it too from WhatsApp Web, below, we will teach you how you can do it.

If you are wondering what is the purpose of sending a mass message, we can tell you that it can be very useful, for example, to send Christmas greetings to all family or friends, to send photos to different contacts without being in a group, there are many utilities to send a message in bulk.

Broadcast lists, the power to send messages to many people

To start we will tell you what a broadcast list is, broadcast lists are a method available in WhatsApp to send the same message to different contacts, at first glance they seem to have the same function as groups, but they don't, in Groups, members can talk to each other, but not in broadcast lists.

The special thing about broadcast lists is that there allow you to choose several contacts from your agenda to send them a message individually, we can choose up to 256 contacts to send them messages. Most importantly, the list will be saved and we can send as many messages as we want in bulk.

Now the only way we have to create a list of broadcasts is from our mobile since the web or desktop version of WhatsApp does not allow us to do this, so you will have to follow these steps to create a broadcast list and send mass messages from WhatsApp Web:

  1. Access WhatsApp from your Android or iOS mobile phone.
  2. Click on three points located in the upper left.

  1. We will select «New transmission».

  1. Now we will have to select all the contacts to whom we want to send messages. Remember that you can only choose contacts from your address book, a maximum of 256, and as a requirement they must have your number saved in their address book in order to receive messages.

  1. Now we will press the button "Creates".

  1. It's time to log into WhatsApp Web.
  2. Once the session has started, we will see that the created transmission list has been saved and in this way we will be able to write all the messages we want and send them massively to all the contacts chosen in the transmission list.

Alternatives to send mass messages with WhatsApp

With just these simple steps we can send any message to hundreds of users that we have in our agenda and have saved us, but there are some alternatives with which we can send mass messages on WhatsApp.


Since the arrival of the WhatsApp Business API, many companies have built their own software to send their promotional content via WhatsApp, proof of this WaChatBot.

WaChatBot it is a tool that we will be able to implement in our company and with which we will be able to automate the sending of messages, these sendings can be massive and do it to all the contacts we want.


Another alternative for send mass messages via whatsapp è WhatsZaper, which also has its own software available for Windows and MacOS with which we can create all kinds of content to send via WhatsApp.

WhatsZaper is a great tool with which you can handle a large number of messages, it also has a fully customizable bot with which you can automate tasks and replies and also send mass messages.

Now you know how to send mass messages from whatsapp web, creating a broadcast list and with some other tools available on the Internet for this purpose.

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