How to see who you interact with the most on Instagram

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You have long since way to find out which people on Instagram you interact with the most, a variable and less curious parameter that you can check whenever you want, even if it changes from time to time depending on your habits within the social network.

It is not available for all accounts, in fact, if you only use your profile to publish content in Instagram posts or Stories and you interact little with anyone (like, comment on posts, see other people's Stories, etc.), it won't work. section within the settings.

Another detail to take into account is that the profiles you would expect to see are not always shown, that is, those with whom you think you have had the most activity, so it is an option that cannot always offer you the best results, but yes many of them.

The parameter is called " accounts most viewed in the news ” and those that are shown are the most relevant accounts, with which there has been more interaction in the last 90 days, i.e. from today to 3 months ago. To find out who they are, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your Instagram profile, click on your picture and then click on "follow".
  2. Once you enter the list of people you follow, scroll down a bit and you will see a category section, you need to enter the one that says «most viewed accounts in the news». Inside you can see all accounts at a glance.

People you interact with the least

Without leaving the "follow" option on Instagram, you can also see which people you follow with whom you interact the least on your social network by clicking on the "people you interact with the least" option.

The profiles that appear in both cases may vary depending on whether you later have activity with other accounts, so you must take these details into account, after all, what it shows are your interests within Instagram depending on which accounts they visit the most.

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