How to see Tinder Gold games, profiles and photos for free and without paying - Very easy

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Many times the paid versions of the applications offer such amazing features that they have to be purchased. This is the case with Tinder, as this application's paid service, called Tinder Gold, offers features better than the free version.

One of these features is the ability to see, before scrolling, who has "liked" their profile. For that reason, we're going to show you a trick you can use to learn how to view Tinder Gold games, profiles, and photos for free and without paying. So you can enjoy one of the benefits of Tinder Gold without purchasing the official version.

What is the purchased version of Tinder or Tinder Gold?

Tinder has become one of the best free dating apps in the world in its own right. Well, it provides the user with tools that allow him to classify the any appointments more specifically.

However, like many other applications, Tinder offers a more exclusive paid service for those who can purchase it, and this is the Tinder Gold application.

This service offers more interesting features such as unlimited "likes", a start that allows you to appear faster in the searches of users who are close to you, which improves your stats to find matches.

Likewise, one of the most interesting features of this version of the application is that it gives you the opportunity to find out who likes you. That is, you have access to the information of the profiles that have liked you or swipe to the right. Which allows you to do some premeditation and better observation of the profile of the person who liked you before deciding where to scroll.

How to view Tinder Gold games and profiles without paying

If you know what matches are on Tinder, then you are also aware that for a match to take place, one person has to swipe a photo to the right and in this way they like or like another's profile. If this other person also scrolls to the right , that popular correspondence occurs.

Knowing this, it becomes very tempting for many users to know, even before scrolling, to find out who liked your profile. In order to better assess the potential match.

Therefore, even if you are not a Tinder Gold user, you should know that there are no applications that let you know who liked your profile, however you can use some tricks.

On the other hand, the effectiveness of this trick it will mostly depend on your intuition. You need to go to the tab where Tinder offers you to purchase the Gold membership. In this tab, you can see in a slightly blurry profile photos of people who liked your profile. In this way, you can make a comparison with the profiles that seem to be scrolling to you.

How to view Tinder Gold photos for free and without paying

For those regular Tinder users who are familiar with the application methodology, they know that not only is it possible to see the profile of someone you rejected again, but there are also tricks on Tinder to see photos of the people who have given you. like it without having to buy the Gold version application. 

For starters, this trick it does not require any previous configurations in your account how to change your username in Tinder. You just need to access the application from a computer, as this trick cannot be performed from a phone. In the section showing the «Like» tab, you need to right click and select the «Inspect item» option.

So, when you go to the developer options pop-up tab, you need to locate the part indicated as "Network", there you need to filter by "Img" so that the images are shown, which is what we are looking for. You have to click on the option to open in a new tab, in this way you can better detail the photos of the people who gave you like before making a match.

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