How to see the photos where I appear and have been tagged on Facebook

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Fortunately, there is a section in the social network where you can keep track of all the photos you appear in one way or another. This section is called the "Activity Log" and is very easy to access.

From here we can choose what will appear on our profile and who will be able to see it. We have several interesting options which we will talk about a little later.

How to see photos where I appear on Facebook

  • Log in with your Facebook account. Once on the home page you need to go to the top right of the screen and click on your name and profile photo.
  • Once in your profile you will have to click on » Registro atasità «, This option can be found at the bottom right of the cover.
  • It directs you to a new page. If you look at the left column you will see a section that says " Photo and video «.
  • Here you can see all the photos you appear in. At the top you have a filter to see all the photos " Public "And also all the photos" Hidden ". Use the filter to find all the photos you appear in.

How to see the photos I've been tagged in

  • In your Facebook account you will need to go to your profile.
  • At the bottom right of the cover photo you will find a button that says " Registro atasità «.
  • In the left column you will have to choose the section » Photo in which you are tagged «.
  • Here you can use the filter to search for all the photos you are tagged in. This filter is located at the top of the page.

If the photos have been shared you are tagged but selected to be hidden in your bio. You have to keep in mind that they keep appearing in other sections of Facebook such as: in the profile of the person who uploaded it, news, searches, etc.

The only place it won't appear is in your profile. To delete a photo in which you appear, you will need to speak directly to the person who decided to upload it to delete it.

In case you want the photos you are tagged in automatically to not appear on your profile and you need to approve them to appear, you need to do the following:

  • Click the down arrow icon at the top right of Facebook.
  • A new menu appears with several options, the one we are looking for is » Configuration «.
  • Now go on " Biography and labeling »In the menu on the left.
  • Here you will have the option Want to review the publications you're tagged in before they appear in your bio? Click the link » Modification " To the right.
  • You can disable or enable this option.

Whenever you get tagged in a photograph or any type of post. You will receive a notification for your approval. Otherwise, it will not be published. If you do nothing at the time of seeing this notification, you can decide later by accessing the «Activity log» button at the bottom right of the cover in your profile.

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