How to see someone you rejected on Tinder again

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Without a doubt, the Tinder operation is one of the easiest to do and for this reason it has gained success and popularity among people who want to meet new people. However, this great simplicity or ease of use can lead to some inconveniences such as, for example, switching from one profile to another very quickly and therefore, making mistakes and discard or reject someone on Tinder that they didn't want to, provoking them in some respective regrets but also, the search for some solution to redeem themselves and go back.

Well, in Handy Resources we want to share some options about how to see someone you rejected on tinder again which can be useful for being able to see people who have been rejected again on Tinder.

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How To Review Someone On Tinder | Clarifications

Firstly, it should be noted that Tinder users only have the option to configure in the «Discovery settings» the distance and age range of users they want to see on Tinder according to their personal tastes or preferences and according to these criteria, the geosocial application will randomly show profile photos that meet the user's configuration so that the user can compare people appearing by liking or rejecting or discarding them and so far so good.

Now, and in honor of the truth and nothing but the truth… I have to tell you now that there is no way to manipulate or control who specifically can be seen on Tinder beyond distance and age adjustments, no there is no way to see someone on tinder again under any natural channel.

However, and fortunately, there are a few cards up my sleeve that can sway this coveted interest and be relatively effective if, moreover, the stars align (have some luck) and which I'll reveal below since they can work for you, well, in my case, I was able to magically go back to seeing someone on Tinder that I had previously discarded.

How To See Someone You Rejected On Tinder Again | option 1

The following option allows, within a certain margin of possibility, to see people on Tinder again, but nevertheless it will not be possible to define to see someone in particular on Tinder in particular, but it can be done, yes.

I tell you… If you want to see some people on Tinder again, or a certain user that you saw on Tinder and then rejected, you will have to use the few resources you have. That is, they have to go to «Tracking Settings» and define the age range (minimum age range is 4 years) and the radius or distance where those users were or, that user you want to see again on Tinder (minimum distance is 1 kilometer) leaving, yes, a slightly greater reach than the users of Tinder were or were.

Example: In this case, a maximum distance of 10 kilometers and a minimum age range of 4 years have been adjusted to start a limited search.

Certainly, if you have an idea of ​​age ranges and distance, then it is possible that the chances of seeing this or that person on Tinder have increased and if they live in a medium-sized city or rather, small-scale, well there the chances increase even more if it is this or these, they live or stay in the same place and furthermore the distance is minimal.

Finally, to further increase the margin of success, there is no other way than to use the Tinder application a lot, but a lot, since so, when you give a dislike or a like, the profiles follow one another and voila! The profiles will start repeating and you can effectively review someone on Tinder that you had already discarded or liked and I don't know if this is a Tinder error but it happened to me when I've used Tinder a lot since the profiles I've already seen reappear and among them I saw a user that I wanted to review that I liked.

Indeed, this solution can be successful when you know the age of that person, the distance between you and this person is minimal, as well as when the city is small and there are few users. However, these possibilities decrease when it is a large city, I don't know the age of that user very well to be able to adjust the search and the maximum distances are greater.

How To See Someone You Rejected On Tinder Again | option 2

Finally, a slightly more radical but no less effective option than the previous one… Well, this solution can allow you to see someone on Tinder that you rejected or discarded by mistake.

Well, in practice you will have to check or analyze if with the profile they have on Tinder you have been able to connect and interact with other users, if this were the case it would be good for those interested to ask for another means of communication to continue meeting them and with this settled, being able simply delete your Tinder profile and then recreate maybe a new Tinder account, with new and more attractive photos to start from scratch and use the Tinder app to review someone on Tinder who has been rejected with this new Tinder account with more beautiful photos to attract attention and get that mouthwatering match and be able to meet that person who was rejected due to some mistake, mistake or other reason.

Currently, these are the options Tinder users can rely on to review someone you rejected on Tinder or discarded due to some unintentional mistake. Perhaps in the future the application will be one of its paid versions, it can add some tool or option to cancel a like or a rejection that has been performed or, to be able to see someone again on Tinder, we just have to wait.

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