How to see or know how many views my video has on Facebook - Quick and easy

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Once Facebook has been downloaded or used by the computer, it becomes daily to interact with its tools. These range from communicating with friends to sharing content interesting, informative or funny.

For this the option of can be used sharing videos, which can be of any type as long as they respect the rules of the platform. Knowing the reactions of the videos is simple, which can be determined quickly and easily.

If you want to know how to see how many views your Facebook video has, you can do this by reading and finding out what you need.

A quick way to find out how many views my video has on Facebook

In case it is a video shared in public, below it will be shown the number of plays and reactions. In case of posting on a page you administer, you can see other results of the video.

This could be done from a computer, but it's still just as easy to get them all information from the shared video. This is because pages have a greater impact on viewers, being a way to get more views .

I likes or reactions on Facebook they will help to know what impact and perception the shared video. This medium allows you to know who were the people who had reactions to the video, having a precise number of viewers.

This is something that not only applies to videos, but also to publications in general. Many pages use this data to know how much population they reach with their content, obtaining important usage statistics.

How to add a video to your Facebook page?

In the news section, click » Pages «, One option on the left. You enter the page, then press " Photo / video «, Thus selecting the video you want to add.

At the top add a video title, being able to add one optional description and tags. There are sections in the right column to add more information to the video by clicking on » NEXT «.

Finally, click on » Public »And the video will be published on the Facebook page that has been chosen.

How to post a video on your Facebook profile?

On the main Facebook page or on your profile you can click on “A what are you thinking? ". In the pending box, click the photo-like icon, then choose the video.

Once this is done, the audience with whom it will be shared is selected and, if desired, a description of the video. In the end, click on » Public «, Facebook being the one that notifies you later when the video is ready and published.

Facebook video download

Facebook videos can be downloaded from computers or mobile devices. This is almost always noticeable when it comes to videos intended for the general public.

Therefore, people can quickly have the content on their own devices or computers. To avoid plagiarism of your content, it is recommended to set a watermark on the video to be published.

Watermarks are nearly impossible to remove, being a useful alternative for several circumstances. Therefore, they are almost always used for images, videos or digital book content, thus having original content.

If you want to download a video from Facebook, you need to access its options and then click on » Download ". The download process begins immediately if the video comes found in public.

This great advantage of Facebook allows you to increase the interaction and dissemination of content. Therefore, those who use the application can share videos on other platforms or social networks without problems.

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