How to see my friends' birthday dates on Facebook

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That we can remember the birthday of a contact we have on our own Facebook page ., would fill him with great joy and contentment. It is that it is very gratifying to have that special day for us, where we celebrate another year of life. Be remembered by our friends and a meeting could be arranged to celebrate.

The Facebook platform offers you the possibility to notify you who turns a new year on this day, although you can also deactivate it if you wish. But there is another method that will allow you to  see my friends' upcoming birthday dates on Facebook. Then you have come to the right place, where we will show you through this tutorial how to do it.

How can I see my friends' upcoming birthday dates on Facebook?

The next steps we will teach you for   see the forthcoming data di birthday of my friends on Facebook. We will do this via a PC, then we will go to our Facebook account for this we will enter our email or we can do it with the phone number and password. This way we will log into our account.

When we are on the page, we will go to the left side of the screen and we'll look for the Explore option in the menu. When we locate it, we will create a clip there and it will show you other options and you will select Events by creating a clip. If this option is not shown, you just need to create a clip in the Other option and you will find it there.

When we find it, we create a clip and this action will take us to the Events window, where we can invite friends, but in this case we go to the left side and we will find several options. These are, Events, Calendar, Birthdays, Tips, Past. In this case we will choose the Birthday option. Let's make a clip and it will show us other options in the center of the screen.

These are Recent Birthdays, Birthdays imminent and Later in and shows you birthdays in the coming months. Sorts them by month, such as birthdays in January, February, March, etc. And in this way you can identify the birthdays by month or those that will take place in the current month.

If you place your cursor on one of the contacts, which shows you that it will be a new year, you can see the exact date. It also gives you the option to write a message, so that she receives it on her birthday. But you can also add or sync them with Apple, Google or Outlook .

How can I see upcoming birthday dates from iPhone?

To  see my friends' upcoming birthday dates on Facebook from your mobile device, you need to perform the following steps. You must first log into the application from your computer, as you normally would to log in. After you are on the home page you have to go to the menu icon to press it.

You will find it if you go to the lower right part of the screen, there you will see the three horizontal lines icon, which is the menu option. Several options will appear and scroll down until you find Events. Click on it and then you will find other options but you have to choose Calendar.

When you do, all events will appear in chronological order and you just need to find which friend of yours has a cake icon. That means it turns one year old today, but it will also show you upcoming birthdays. And in this way you learned how I can see my friends' upcoming birthday dates on Facebook.

Can you see someone's birthday without being friends on Facebook?

Many times you will wonder if it will be possible to see a person's birthday on Facebook if they are not friends, because we give you the news that if it is possible to do so and it is something very easy to do, you have to enter your Facebook Account and in the search bar you will enter the name of the person you want to see, then you will enter his profile and click where he says personal information and voila, his data will appear included their birthday.

Steps to see a friend's birthday from Android and IOS

One of the options that no longer appears in the redesign of the facebook application is to see the next birthdays of your friends, that is, the only way we now have to know your friend's birthday from the mobile is consult his profile , you need to do the following:

  • Enter the application and in the search bar you will find the friend whose birthday you want to know.
  • Then enter their profile and without moving from there, tap on the option that says see more info.
  • Your personal data will appear and you will be able to know your date of birth.

This information may not appear in some profiles and it's all because that person has hidden their personal information.

How to activate and receive Facebook birthday notifications?

With the new design of the social network Facebook, some of its users have stopped receiving birthday notifications, recovering it is very simple, just follow these steps, those same steps can be performed in case you do not want to receive this notification.

You just have to touch the notification bell that appears at the top right and do it; In your profile go to notification settings and search for the word birthday , there you will have the option to activate, you have to press and that's it, you will be able to receive this notification and know who is the birthday of your friends.

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