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Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world, we all know that in it we can upload as many photos as we want and also one of the functions that we use the most with the Stories, content that we can upload continuously, well thanks to the Stories, there is a function called «A day like today» where we can see a photo that we uploaded to Stories years ago, we will tell you how to see it.

The Instagram archive allows us to see a memory of the photos we uploaded on a day like today, to be able to share them again or simply to be able to see a memory of what we did years ago, to be able to see the archive photo we can access it in different ways, we will tell you everything.

View «A day like today» from the Create a Story panel

To see our memories from the creation of a Story we will have to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log in to Instagram and follow the steps to create a story.
  2. Then click the drop-down menu on the right to click "Create".

  1. Now slide the middle button until you reach the clock icon with a back arrow.

  1. You will automatically see the Story or publication you made in one day like today and you will be able to see the time of said publication or Story.

Access your Instagram archive to see «A day like today»

Another way we have to be able to see the section «A day like today» is to see the Instagram memories section, that is, our archive of publications and Stories, thanks to the fact that Instagram saves everything we upload we can see our previous photos and stories, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Instagram and click your profile icon.

  1. Then click on 3 lines top right.

  1. Now click on "File".

  1. Then you will be able to see the publication you made some time ago and you will be able to share it as if you were about to create a Story, if you click on the date you will be able to change the sticker and the phrase "A day like today in..." will appear.

This is the way to see the «A day like today» section on Instagram, because we recommend that you see it every day if you are a user who uploads a lot of content, because every day you may have a memory to share with others or simply a nice way to remember what you did years ago.

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