How to search for people on Tinder or find out if anyone has an account

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Dating sites like Tinder have become so popular that you are very likely to find people you know on the platform. However, since this type of page is associated with infidelity or unethical behavior, it is curious to know who has an account or is part of this community. But this is not something easy to do, as the level of security or discretion in it is very high.

However, there are methods you can use to search for people on Tinder or find out if they have an account on the web. Unfortunately, direct web search is not one of them, but you can try alternatives that let you know the information you need. Among them is the use of the localization of the profile in question or, in the latter case, paid Internet sites specialized in finding what you want.

Directly on Tinder

Direct search for a person on Tinder is not possible, as the page takes the privacy and confidentiality policies for its users very seriously. In this sense, the only way to be able to do this within the platform is if the profile you are looking for has «matched» you. Otherwise you can't.

However, if the latter applies to you, what you should do is do click on the conversation balloon to open the list of matches. Once displayed, press on the search bar to type the name of the person or profile in question. This way you will get who returned the “likes” you granted or vice versa.

From your Tinder account

Although it is not possible find a profile on Tinder directly in the app or desktop version, there are several tricks or alternatives that you can use to accomplish it. Likewise, you should know that its success is not entirely guaranteed.

Search by location

Unlike other similar applications, this dating app requires constant use or activation of GPS location from the Smartphone. This is to connect with people within your same geographic area, which many users don't like, but which can be helpful in this task.

Since an alternative to the know if someone has a Tinder account, is through location. To do this you need to configure the application parameters by following these steps:

  1. Click icon of the little man in the upper right corner to go to your profile.
  2. Select » Settings «.
  3. Scroll until you find the section » Tracking Settings «.
  4. Set the distance interval for Tinder to show you people who are close to you in the specified area. Keep in mind that the minimum is 2Km.

If the profile in question belongs to the indicated area, you will be able to see it and confirm the existence of your online account. However, this may not work at all, since if the person is further away, in another location or its GPS is disabled, you will not be able to find it with this method. That is why the main requirement for this alternative is to know exactly where it is.

On the other hand, some users and websites claim that you can use applications like Fake GPS to «deceive» the position of the mobile phone and therefore be able to expand the search radius, this is something that has not been fully verified. So long as Tinder has high levels of security which may detect the use of apps of this type. However, you could try to find out whether it works or not.

filtering by age

This option goes hand in hand with the previous one, as allows you to limit your search results to a specific group of people with an age you set. To use it you must follow the steps mentioned above and configure the number of years you assume or know, has the person you are looking for. But, like the location filter, this alternative isn't entirely secure.

Check out the different profiles on the web

It is a sort of «Reject operation» within the network. It's kind of stressful and exhausting when you think about the time you have to spend doing it. But it's another way to search for a person on tinder, all you need to do is expand your location and age settings to increase your chances of success in your search. Then you just have to scroll through the photographs of possible candidates according to your intentions and that's it.

We recommend swipe left («Dislike») instead of the well-known «Like», since the latter option has a limited amount in the free version of Tinder.

Using the Tinder Gold Service

The Tinder Gold version offers some additional features that allow you to maximize the level of research within the network. You can purchase it by signing up for the plan of your choice, which ranges from $6,21/month (12 months) to $13,49/month (1 month). Remember that these amounts may vary depending on where you live.

By doing so you will get access to unlimited Rewinds and Likes, in case you passed a candidate by mistake, see who likes you before you slip, five Super Likes a day, Boost to stand out among profiles in your area, search «Match » all over the world and control your profile, limiting what others can see of you and only allowing this to those who have Liked.

Go to external sites

Another way to find out if someone has a Tinder account is to use paid sites like CheaterBuster. They offer a search service in networks of this type, at a cost of $9,99. The procedure itself is very simple, that's it provide relevant profile information: name, age, gender and location. As well as providing your contact information to receive the survey result.

After few minutes you will receive in the indicated email all possible profiles that match the information you provided. It is quite a good and effective service, according to users. However, the fact that it is paid becomes a negative point.

Device search

If all of the above fails, you can resort to more accurate, but more risky and obvious methods. To do this, you must access the person's phone you want to search on Tinder and investigate in one of these sections:

  • Look for a confirmation email yes Tinder in Gmail.
  • Check your inbox Send an SMS for any message with a verification code.
  • In the case of Android: Access Google Play from a computer e look for the green popcorn icon in the corner of the Tinder logo. To do this you must do it from the account of the person you are investigating. If it shows, it means that you have used the application at some point.
  • iOS: Enter the App Store and close “ tinder ”, press “ Download ”. If you see a cloud icon with a date, it means that the application has been used on that device before.
  • From the Facebook profile: Follow the path Settings > Security > Apps & Websites > Log in with Facebook. If «Tinder» is listed, that person owns or has used the dating site once.

ask the person

As a last method and perhaps the most obvious of all, ask the person directly if they use or has ever used Tinder. This will help you get out of doubt and avoid comparisons or misunderstandings.

Finally, by using the methods mentioned in this list you have a great chance of I know if a person has a Tinder account. Use them wisely and avoid falling into negative attitudes or actions.

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