How to schedule posts for Instagram and Facebook with Creator Studio

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When managing a professional or business profile, the content within that account is a very important aspect to be highlight in the market, therefore, publication planning is a facilitating and feasible tool to achieve this goal.

In the context of social networks, the most useful to get a greater response from the community are Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately, for those who work as a company, they do not have the time to dedicate themselves to editing and publishing the content of the profile.

That's why tools like Facebook Creator Studio. And surprisingly from one of the biggest and leading companies when it comes to social networking.

Today you will learn how to use this amazing program, which will help you not to neglect your company profiles and at the same time it will save you that time to keep working.

Is Creator Studio software for post scheduling?

The answer is yes. Several programmers have designed this tool, which allows you to manage the content that will be managed by a computer. Within Facebook and Instagram business accounts.

Such content includes posts within the feed. The TV that makes up social networks like Instagram and the messaging that is processed through them.

Likewise, based on the interaction carried out within them, generates a statistic on the degree of response from the community related to the account, very useful for those who operate in this way.

Get started with Facebook Creator Studio

Before you start scheduling publications, make sure the profiles you want to affiliate are business accounts, both on Facebook and Instagram. This aspect is an essential requirement, as the web itself only works for those profiles that acquire this configuration style.

Since the web is connected directly to Facebook (and was created by them). What you need to do is sync the account you manage through Instagram to start applying the settings. You can do it all through Creator Studio, to which devi enter only from a computer.

Schedule posts from Facebook Creator Studio

After you have successfully synced your Instagram account. It will automatically appear next to your Facebook business profile on the tool's home page.

Getting straight to the point, to start posting content on one or both accounts. You just have to enter the application and click on the blue button «Create publication».

Before making any changes, you need to select if you want to publish via the television section of networks such as Instagram or simply within the feed. If publications are scheduled for both programs, a new screen will automatically appear. Within which it will allow you to make the following adjustments:

Mostly, it will allow you to decide the multimedia content you want to share. An image or video, accompanied by the text that will serve as the footer of the publication.

Additionally, the message can contain up to 2.200 characters. Include your location and be accompanied by thirty hashtags or mentions to other accounts.

Eventually comes the function you're interested in, having the option to choose to publish at that precise moment, or schedule it to run at a specific time and date.

Check the day on your schedule and if the publication was successful. When confirming, make sure you have purchased a tool that works hand in hand with your needs.

Currently, this application is considered somewhat unknown for those who work in the corporate environment within social networks.

However, over time it has become recognized, which is really useful for those who manage these accounts. Well, it saves them a lot of time to focus on more important aspects of the company.

You have finally learned how to use Creator Studio, an indispensable tool for those who want to schedule publications for their corporate accounts.

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