How to schedule a ride on DiDi easily and quickly

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After that you will have to choose the destination and the type of trip. You will be able to see the estimated cost of the trip. But you have to keep in mind that this price is dynamic. This means that in case the driver has to deviate for any reason or is delayed by traffic, this rate could be affected.

A big advantage Didi has is that you can activate the navigator mode to verify that the driver remains on the path that the same application suggests. This is something extremely positive to avoid any kind of deception or scam. But if you happen to have a problem with a driver, you have the means to file a claim.

How to schedule a ride on DiDi and book a car

After installing the application on your mobile device and completing all the required information, which is extremely important. What we really need is on the way: book a car to move to our destination.

For this we just have to choose the category of the car and click on » Book »From the same application. You can schedule a time when the driver looks for you exactly at the agreed time. You can also share the address in real time if you need to do it with a friend or family member.

In case the journey is too long. It is quite possible for the driver to make a call to confirm the trip. You can also send a car to a friend and take care of the expenses from the same application. So we'll go step by step to make it as clear as possible:

  • The first thing you need to do is confirm the position that Didi detects thanks to GPS.
  • After that you will need to specify where you want to go.
  • Now you are about to choose what kind of car you want to use. Depending on the class of the car you will need to specify how many passengers there will be.
  • What you need to do now is wait for a car to be assigned to you. The waiting time can vary based on several factors, so arm yourself with patience.
  • If the journey is too long, the driver will call you to confirm it. Although usually the driver will send you a private message via the application.
  • Keep in mind that you have about two minutes to cancel the trip in case you regret it or some kind of problem arises.
  • Once the trip is over, you need to make sure that the driver finishes the trip in the application in so that it does not affect the additional costs.

Something extremely important is that once the journey is over, you will qualify the driver so that if everything goes as planned, he can continue to grow on the platform. If you have a problem, clarify it so that other possible passengers don't have to have a bad experience.

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