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The videos on the IGTV platform of Instagram are starting to take off, as evidenced by the number of YouTubers who have migrated to the social network to post their videos. Today we will show you how to download IGTV videos fast.

For those who don't know what IGTV is, we could say that it's the Instagram section where you can post videos up to 15 minutes long with great dynamics and always gratifying the vertical format.

Instagram has been displaying IGTV videos on the timeline for some time, this means that we have much faster access to some people's IGTV channels and that we see more content from this platform.

We have already seen how we can download Instagram direct. Today we are going to show you some websites and applications with which we can download IGTV videos to have them on our computer or mobile.

Bigbangram, simple site to download everything from Instagram

This is a website where we have several tools to manage Instagram accounts, we have several tools with which we can download almost all Instagram content, but what interests us are IGTV videos, so follow these steps to be able to do it:

  1. Access the Bigbangram website.

Website: Bigbangram

  1. Now we will have to go to the profile of the account from which we want to download IGTV videos.
  2. We copy the address from the profile.
  3. Time lo we will paste in Bigbangram web box.

  1. Click on "Download" and after a short wait we will have access to all the IGTV videos of this profile.

  1. Each video will have a button "Download" so you can download the video, which is downloaded in .MP4 format.

InstaLoadGram, get all Instagram content

This web application also allows us to download IGTV videos quickly and simple, it works very similar to the previous one, although it has its differences, so we are going to show you how to download IGTV videos with InstaLoadGram:

  1. The first thing will be to access the web.

Website: InstaLoadGram

  1. Now we will need to copy the IGTV video address into the web box.

  1. We will click "Download".
  2. Now the video we want will have been downloaded, we will have to repeat the process with all videos that we want to download.

Insta-Downloader, simple website to download IGTV videos

On this site we can also download IGTV videos very fast, we will show you the steps to follow, but it behaves the same as the previous one, although sometimes the previous one can fail:

  1. Access the Insta-Downloader website.

Website: Insta-Downloader

  1. Now you have to copy the link address of the IGTV video you want to download and paste it into the web box.

  1. We press the button "Download" and the video will appear so that we can download it in.MP4 format.

Ingramer, complete site to see everything from Instagram

Ingrammer is a website that helps us download IGTV videos from accounts we want, as long as they are public. Follow these steps to download the IGTV videos you want:

  1. The first thing will be to log into the Ingramer website.

Website: Ingramer

  1. Now we will have to write the name of the account from which we want to get the IGTV videos, it is important to put the «@» before the name.
  2. Once the name is written, we will have to click on "Near" and the available videos of that profile will automatically appear.

  1. We can see that there is a button in each video thumbnail "Download", we will press it to download the video.

These are the best websites for download IGTV videos on our computer or mobile device, we can also see all the content of the accounts to see which videos we want to download and then save them wherever we want.

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