How to save WhatsApp photos before they are deleted

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You've probably heard of the new WhatsApp feature that allows you to send self-destructing photos. This undoubtedly remains all on paper, since it is perfectly possible save WhatsApp photos before they are deleted and today in El Poder Del Androide Verde we will show you how to do it by simply following a couple of steps.

Is it possible to save WhatsApp photos before they self-destruct?

WhatsApp's new feature allows you to send videos and images and delete them yourself once they've been viewed by the recipient. However, there is a trick to be able to save WhatsApp images before they are deleted and that is by taking a screenshot.

How to know if a WhatsApp photo will delete itself? 2022

We will know that a WhatsApp image is about to self-destruct, because it will appear with the number «1» and a thumbnail will be missing, as you can see in the image below.

They sent me a WhatsApp photo that deletes itself, how can I save it in the gallery? 2022

Did you know that most smartphones like Samsung Galaxy have direct access to take screenshots from the notification panel? You just have to follow these steps:

  1. We distribute the notification panel.
  2. We press the corresponding icon.

This way, when there send a WhatsApp photo that deletes itself, we can take a screenshot and then we will not lose the image even if it deletes itself.

How to backup WhatsApp photos that are set to see each other once in 2022

Another universal way to take screenshots is to press the following key combination:

  1. When they send us one WhatsApp photo that will be deleted by itself, press simultaneously (Volume down + power button).
  2. This will back up your screen, safeguarding your WhatsApp image before it's deleted.

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