How to save Telegram files to SD card

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One of the best known features of Telegram is the ability of this messaging client to save documents in the cloud in an unlimited way. However, you must not miss one of the latest developments of this application and you may not know it but now it is possible save Telegram files to the SD card. In this way we will be able to free up internal storage space on our Smartphone since over time we will have a multitude of videos, Gifs, documents and audios sent through this platform which can compromise our memory. That's why today in The Power Of The Green Android We will explain how to activate this new feature in the simplest way possible.

Can you save Telegram files to MicroSD?

It is possible that if you have a lot of activity with this messaging client you are concerned about where your Telegram files are stored as over time all this information can easily fill up your phone's storage space. Precisely for this reason you will be happy to know that it is now possible have Telegram save the information on the external SD card, in this way you can easily free up the internal memory of your device.

How to make Telegram save data to SD card step by step 2022

The first thing we will have to do is enter the application and select the 3 horizontal lines at top left.

A menu will appear on the left in which we will have to select "Settings".

In the next section we select "Data and storage".

How to Save Telegram Files to MicroSD Easy and Fast 2022

Here we must select the path that appears in the section that says «Store in».

We change the internal storage path to the microSD and that's it. From now on, everything sent to us from Telegram will automatically be saved on the SD card.

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