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A few months ago, I wrote an article here in Practical resources about the way or method that can be used to download or save a Facebook video to your computer easily and without the use of any online service or program. However, using this kind of method to save more than one video from a specific page, group or user can eat up or eat up a lot of time that many don't have, and furthermore, just the thought of doing so can cause stress, wear and tear.

Well, faced with this kind of problem, any step saver or time optimization for save the videos you want from Facebook are certainly welcome and that's why I want to share the following article as a tutorial, where the procedure download multiple videos from one page and do not, one by one that is, something that generates delay, annoyance and, sometimes, involuntary confusion, I hope it can be useful to you.

Save More Facebook Videos | Step 1

The first step is logically to enter the Facebook account with the respective data and then go to the page, group or user profile that contains those videos that they want to save and have on their computer.

Save More Facebook Videos | Step 2

Now, after logging into that page, group or user profile that contains those videos, they need to enter the video section with the respective click on » video » and that this, in the pages and groups in the options on the left or well, in one of the windows of the options that are on the right.

Oh good,

Save More Facebook Videos | Step 3

Once, in the video section of a particular user's page, group or profile, you will need to change the URL  which is located in the address bar and to do this you will remove or remove this: «https://www» and the letter » m » will be replaced in lowercase and after doing it correctly, click on » Submit » to load the new page.

  • URL not changed:
  • URL changed:

Save More Facebook Videos | Step 4

With the previous action, a page will be displayed where all the videos of the Facebook page, group or user are shown and in cases where there are multiple videos, categories and/or sections can be seen classified and with links to see new ones pages with the following videos.

The arrows in this example indicate where you can see other videos that cannot be viewed.

Then from this page that has been displayed, all clicks on the videos you want to save (play icon) will be made and then, for each click on a video, a new tab or page will be opened in the web browser you use where you can see only the central part of the video in question.

Save More Facebook Videos | Step #5

Well, on one of those pages that opens with one of those videos, you have to press the button » break » and then right-click on the video and in the window that appears, it will click again on the option » Save video as «.

With this action, the window to choose where to save said video will open and you can certainly add an appropriate title to the video in the box where it says Name and finally, you will have to click on the button that says » Save » and with this one of the videos of interest will be saved and then the action will be repeated to save each of the other videos of interest to have on the computer.

This method or procedure to save Facebook videos to computer avoid opening each video in a new page or tab of the web browser used and also having to change the url (remove https://www and add the letter » m «) of each video in question. Here, in this method from one page where all the videos are (step #4) you can open the videos you want in new pages and then download them and in this way you will save some time and reduce some cost . boredom to do it.

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