How to save DATA on Twitter ANDROID

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One of the things that most worries us when we choose our mobile tariff and the amount of megabytes that they offer us for our Internet browsing. Once you reach this established amount as a general rule, usually we limit our rate. In Green Android we have already seen a tutorial to be able to navigate quickly with depleted megabytes, however this is the last resort, always try to save the data in Google Chrome or your favorite Android browser. This is extendable to other applications, so I decided to make this mini tutorial to teach you how to do itsave data on twitter android.

How to Save Data on Twitter Android 2022

Despite this tutorial for save data on Twitter is built on the Android ecosystem, I must point out that it works perfectly on IOS. Basically our task will be to limit the use of automatic videos on Twitter and viewing photos.

Remove autoplay video on twitter android

With this simple tutorial we can easily save data on this social network. The first thing we have to do is open our account and click on our profile picture.

Settings and privacy

Now let's find the section of «Settings and Privacy» that we go inside.

Use of data

Now we will see a menu with many options for us, the one that interests us is «Data usage», let's go inside.

Remove thumbnail images on Twitter

save megabytes on twitter, one of the first things we have to do is remove photo thumbnails from being displayed. This consumes a large amount of megabytes of our speed. One time Off let's get into video options.

Disable automatic video playback on Twitter

What will allow us more than save twitter data on android is undoubtedly the disabling the automatic playback of videos on this social network. We can click on the «Wi-Fi Only» or better «NEVER» option.

With this simple trick to save data on twitter can stretch your mobile rate much longer.

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