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One thing that can be really important for Facebook users to know is that somehow they can save on their computers those videos that they have been able to see on Facebook and that they would simply like to watch them later without having to search for them on Facebook and under the scoop of perhaps not being able to find them again.

Luckily for those interested There are ways or methods that can be used to save Facebook videos and it is precisely one of these that I will explain below and that does not require computer programs or advanced knowledge. I hope it is practical for you and you can use this option to download videos from Facebook.

Save a video from Facebook | Initial remarks

Some videos shared on Facebook are public, that is, they are accessible by people who have a Facebook account and people who do not have an account and it is enough to load a page with the url of that specific video to be able to see it and so too, proceed to save it on your computer or computer , if you liked it.

In general, these public videos are uploaded by some media as well as a certain Facebook group and leave them public for all to see.

Other videos are private ​​and, in general, they come from other users or contacts on Facebook and these videos cannot be viewed, much less saved, by a person who does not have a Facebook account and also, because he is not a friend of that person. He specifies that you uploaded that video. Having said and clarified all this, we move on to action.

Save a Facebook video to your computer | Step 1

The first action is surely that of locating the video you want to save on your computer and in my case I chose the following video from the image that a contact of mine shared on Facebook and that is not really his since it is a video posted in a specific Facebook group.

Save a Facebook video to your computer | Step 2

Once chosen or rather, located in the video , you must have its url and for that, we have to click Play the video so that it plays and then while the video is playing another click with the right mouse button so that It will bring up a small window with some options and now you need to click the left mouse button on » Show video URL »

A small window will open on the front above the video with the precise url from that video left click on it and the whole url will be selected in blue.

Then, right click and click on the option Copy

Save a Facebook video to your computer | Step 3

Open a window in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and paste it in the address bar, right click and a window will pop up and left click » Paste » and you'll see something like this in your browser's address bar.

Once you paste that video's url into the address bar, a part of that url needs to be removed or deleted namely: https://www and to do this, select it with the mouse and click on the button Backspace keyboard and you're done.

Now where you deleted part of the url you need to insert the letter precisely m (lowercase) and click on Submit on the keyboard so that a new page is loaded where the respective video is located and you have to click the left mouse button to play it.

Save a Facebook video to your computer | Step 4

With the previous action, a new gray page will open and only the video of interest will appear in the centre, which you will have to play by pressing Play to the video and then right clicking where it will open some options and you have to left click what it says Save video come ...

Finally, the typical window for saving things to the computer will open and you will be able to select where you want to save that video, give a name to said video and then click on Save And that's it, you have that facebook video saved on your computer, that's all.

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