How to save a Facebook album on a USB stick

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As you may already know, Facebook is a huge library that contains the photos you have uploaded and these are organized into albums. And on this platform you have a great backup when the photos you had saved have been accidentally deleted from your mobile or PC. For this we want to show you how save a Facebook album on a USB memory.

Of course, this option is very welcome if you are one of the users who keeps their own up-to-date Facebook and mount all the photos they take with their mobile phone.

But he didn't have the precaution of make a copy. Now he has them on the social network and has no idea how to download them from there and transfer them to a USB memory.

We are learning about functions or options that are not new at all, but since there has never been a dilemma of this type, it is now necessary to know them. And it may seem a little tricky to save your photos to a USB device, but first you might be interested in sorting and organizing your photos from a Facebook album.

How to save a Facebook album on a USB stick

The function or option we will use this time is Download album and once done we will transfer it from the local disk of the PC to the USB memory.

Anything simpler than this, I don't think you can find and we will tell you what are the simple steps you need to follow for save a Facebook album on a USB memory.

The process itself is very simple to perform and what we will do is download the album or files photo albums that we choose on the platform and save them on our computer.

We can do this as many times as needed and the length of the process will depend on the number of images the album contains, so let's get started.

Steps to save a Facebook album on a USB stick

The first thing we need to do is log into our account Facebook as we do every day. Once logged in and we are on the home page of our profile. We will locate in the top menu and select the Photos option, once this action is done we will choose the view by Album.

The next step is to locate the album we want to fully download, regardless of whether they are tagged and you need to insert it, the next thing you need to do is go to the Album Options icon.

Here you will find and select the option Download album, with this option we will download the album with all the photos it contains directly on the PC.

Then it will show you a message, where it will indicate that the download process could take several minutes, all based on the number of photos and their weight.

Once you have finished downloading this album, you can do the same with the next one if what you want is to download all the albums that are content on your Facebook page.

All these photos will be downloaded to your hard drive in the location you indicate, once you have them there you just have to place yours pen drive in the port of your PC.

And the next thing you will do is transfer this file to memory and you will have solved the problem that was presented to you at the beginning of this article, if possible make a copy of your photos to avoid future mishaps.

As you may have guessed, it's a fabulous option Facebook offers us, as it knows it is a huge library of photos and saves them forever.

So, if you need to recover a photo from this platform, apply what happened we show you here. And in a few minutes you can save a Facebook album on a USB memory.

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